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    core, add support for a full.rcc local pre downloaded resource file · 0069246c
    Bruno Coudoin authored
    If present locally the resource file 'full.rcc' is loaded (but never
    downloaded). This file is present on gcompris.net/data2 as the other
    resource files.
    This implies that a data from an rcc can be loaded from either the 'full.rcc'
    or a specific one like 'words.rcc'.
    Now the resource files are normalized and must include the prefix
    'gcompris/data' with <qresource prefix="/gcompris/data"\>.
    All the voices are now located under 'voices-ogg' instead of 'voices'
    to allow us to support'voices-aac' for other platforms without having
    special cases.
    This patch replaces the 'isResourceRegistered' api entry by
    'isDataRegistered'. We no more check a resource file is registered but if
    the needed data is loaded.
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