Commit 06bcc208 authored by Johnny Jazeix's avatar Johnny Jazeix
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explore, fix first question display (not the good one if changing level from a sublevel == 0).

parent 7dffbd2c
......@@ -93,8 +93,6 @@ ActivityBase {
property alias bonus: bonus
property alias score: score
property alias dataModel: dataModel
property alias question: question
property alias questionText: questionText
property alias instruction: instruction
property alias instructionText: instructionText
property alias descriptionPanel: descriptionPanel
......@@ -49,7 +49,9 @@ function initLevel() { = items.currentLevel + 1
// randomize the questions for level 2 and 3
// Change the currentSubLevel value to 1 to be sure to update the question value
// else if you are sublevel 0 and go to last level, the question is not the good one
items.score.currentSubLevel = 1
items.score.currentSubLevel = 0
items.descriptionPanel.visible = false
// Stop audio if necessary (switch from level 2 at beginning to a new level for example)
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