Commit 0d8faf6e authored by Bruno Coudoin's avatar Bruno Coudoin
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windows build, add a script to help prepare windows build from linux

parent 5cd08387
# Before making a Windows build we must provide the converted mp3
# and the qm files because this is too annoying to create them on
# windows.
if [ ! -f CMakeLists.txt ]
echo "ERROR: Run me from the top level project dir"
exit 1
mkdir -p build
cd build
cmake -D COMPRESSED_AUDIO=mp3 ..
make createMp3FromOgg
make BundleConvertedOggs
make getSvnTranslations
make BuildTranslations
make BundleTranslations
rsync -a ../converted_ogg_to_mp3-*.7z translations-*.7z
# Then on Windows use the targets:
# DlAndInstallBundledTranslations
# DlAndInstallBundledConvertedOggs
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