Commit cf50d8d3 authored by Johnny Jazeix's avatar Johnny Jazeix Committed by Bruno Coudoin
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core, combobox, change number of column depending on the window width.

parent f4804394
......@@ -246,20 +246,22 @@ Item {
//todo compute good size to have more columns if size screen is big enough
property int cellSize: listBackground.width
GridView {
id: gridview
readonly property int elementHeight: 40 * ApplicationInfo.ratio
contentHeight: isModelArray ? elementHeight*model.count : elementHeight*model.length
// each element has a 300 width size minimum. If the screen is larger than it, we do a grid with cases with 300px for width at minimum.
// If you have a better idea/formula to have a different column number, don't hesitate, change it :).
readonly property int numberOfColumns: Math.max(1, Math.floor(width / 300))
contentHeight: isModelArray ? elementHeight*model.count/numberOfColumns : elementHeight*model.length/numberOfColumns
width: listBackground.width
height: listBackground.height-headerDescription.height
currentIndex: gccombobox.currentIndex
flickableDirection: Flickable.VerticalFlick
clip: true headerDescription.bottom
cellWidth: listBackground.cellSize
cellWidth: width / numberOfColumns
cellHeight: elementHeight
delegate: Component {
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