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build, add a recipe on how to build a flatpak binary version

Flatpak is a way to distribute binary version on GNU/Linux systems:
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# Documentation of a way to build a flatpak
First install flatpak as documented on
This approach is based on the ability of GCompris on linux to be build
as a standalone. It will thus package the libraries comming from the
Qt version used at GCompris build time. Latter on if flatpak is
successful we can expect that there will be a Qt flatpak runtine to
use instead.
# Build GCompris to be ready for bunding
cd ~/Projets/gcompris/gcompris-kde
cd build
make package
# Prepare the flatpak
cd ~/Projets/gcompris/flatpak
mkdir gcompris
mkdir gcompris/export
mkdir gcompris/files
rsync -a ~/Projets/gcompris/gcompris-kde/build/_CPack_Packages/Linux/STGZ/gcompris-qt-0.60-Linux/ gcompris/files
cp ~/Projets/gcompris/gcompris-kde/gcompris-appdata.xml gcompris/export/net.gcompris.GCompris.appdata.xml
echo '[Application]
filesystems=host;' > gcompris/metadata
# Build the flatpak
flatpak build-export flatpak-repo gcompris
flatpak build-update-repo --title="GCompris" flatpak-repo
# Test it locally
flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify gcompris-repo flatpak-repo
flatpak --user install gcompris-repo net.gcompris.GCompris
flatpak run net.gcompris.GCompris
flatpak --user remote-delete gcompris-repo
# Upload the flatpak
rsync -az flatpak-repo
# Test it from the remote
flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify gcompris-repo
flatpak --user install gcompris-repo net.gcompris.GCompris
flatpak run net.gcompris.GCompris
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