1. 30 Oct, 2015 5 commits
  2. 29 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  3. 28 Oct, 2015 5 commits
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      core, minor log message improved · 1121f8f4
      Bruno Coudoin authored
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      Build: rework qml-box2d integration · e1fe705e
      Holger Kaelberer authored
      We now ...
      ... automatically try to use a system-installed qml-box2d plugin and
          fall back to submodule build (-DQML_BOX2D_MODULE=auto, default)
      ... can enforce to only check for a system-installed module and error
          out if we don't find such a module (-DQML_BOX2D_MODULE=system)
      ... can enforce a build from the submodule
          In this case we also automatically try to init && update the
          submodule on the fly.
      A module from the submodule build is always installed. A system
      installed module is only installed, i.e. packaged for platforms, that
      need it: So far Android+SailfishOS, to-be-completed ...
      Note: Also updated the qt_helper.cmake as not all Qt versions seem to
      ship a Qt5::QMinimalIntegrationPlugin cmake module.
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      babymatch, an attempt to improve the drop precision · 7cff891c
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      now the drop width is based on the number of items. It's not perfect
      but it seems to improve the situation. Now when there is few items the drop
      eara gets bigger.
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      babymatch, fix display of the description · 8c8a3cc6
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      No more hover on the ok button to have the description. Now the
      description show up with the ok button.
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      color_mix, improved plus and minus icons · ae64fc1d
      Bruno Coudoin authored
  4. 27 Oct, 2015 9 commits
  5. 25 Oct, 2015 20 commits