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      core: add initial version of doxygen/kapidox documentation · 3fb84ea7
      Holger Kaelberer authored
      Documents the most important files from core subdeviding logically
      into "Infrastructure" (like ApplicationSettings, etc.) and "QML
      Components" (e.g. GCText, etc).
      Basic ideas while documenting:
      - For .cpp files exposed to the QML layer document the Q_PROPERTY
        definitions only (not also all getter and setter), plus internal
        methods where considered important. The rest has been marked
      - For QML components defined in .qml documents all properties that are
        part of the public interface (not the ones used internally only). All
        properties that have been considered purely internal have been marked
      - Restructured all documented files slightly to group public
        documented members together, preferably at the top of the class
      Mainpage.dox defines the "Main page" plus the
      Build by running kgenapidox at the top level directory.
      - How to include core.js to the documented files?
      - How to eliminate the doxyqml error for GCSingletonFontLoader?
      - Some missing .qml files in core/.
      - Refine public interface if necessary: Are additional properties
      - Shall we suppress to generate files for all activities?
      - Need to address something from doxygen-warnings.log?
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      all, migrate images from svgz to svg · 1e2f06f3
      Bruno Coudoin authored
      The new svg files are now passed with 'inkscape --vacuum-defs'
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