Commit 55e6fbcd authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧
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Fix colors on graph3d

In some occasions the colors used in 3D graphs were NaN and some
opengl implementations drew it differently than others. Find a
common place where it always works.

Patch contributed by Nikita Skovoroda.

BUG: 290979
parent 6f1b89f2
......@@ -245,20 +245,22 @@ void Graph3D::paintGL()
glTranslatef(i*step-mida, -mida, 0);
double red=(i*step-mida)/mida;
double nextRed=((i+1)*step-mida)/mida;
double red=fabs((i*step-mida)/mida);
double nextRed=fabs(((i+1)*step-mida)/mida);
for(uint j=0; j<bound; j++) {
float s=j%2 ? .0f : 1.f;
double green=(j*step-mida)/mida;
double green=fabs((j*step-mida)/mida);
double z=points[i][j];
double blue=1./fabs(log10(10.+fabs(z)));
glTexCoord2f(s, 0.f);
glColor4d(red, green, 1./fabs(log10(5.+z)), transf);
glColor4d(red, green, blue, transf);
glVertex3d(0., j*step, z);
glTexCoord2f(s, 1.f);
glColor4d(nextRed, green, 1./fabs(log10(5.+z)), transf);
glColor4d(nextRed, green, blue, transf);
glVertex3d(step, j*step, z);
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