Commit 16e540fe authored by Jeremy Whiting's avatar Jeremy Whiting
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Config: Fix a couple of bugs.

Adjust the vocabulary title column after populating the column
of titles.
Refresh the vocabulary list whenever the configuration changes
so the list will reflect the vocabularies for the currently
selected language.

(cherry picked from commit 4065c721)
parent acbf4eaf
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......@@ -38,11 +38,13 @@ VocabSettings::VocabSettings(QWidget *parent)
connect(lviewVocab, &QTreeWidget::currentItemChanged, this, &VocabSettings::slotSelectionChanged);
connect(KanagramSettings::self(), &KCoreConfigSkeleton::configChanged,
this, &VocabSettings::refreshView);
connect(btnDownloadNew, &KNSWidgets::Button::dialogFinished, this, [this] (const QList<KNSCore::Entry> &changedEntries) {
if (!changedEntries.isEmpty()) {
......@@ -70,6 +72,8 @@ void VocabSettings::loadView()
item->setText( 1, m_commentList[i] );
m_itemMap[item] = i;
void VocabSettings::refreshView()
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