Commit 8f1962e0 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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Remove unused KGmap::getDivisionXXX proxy methods

Now that divisions are used and queried directly more often, remove the
unused proxy methods in KGmap.
parent b05bf7ef
......@@ -100,21 +100,6 @@ uint KGmap::count(division::askMode am) const
return count;
QString KGmap::getDivisionFlagFile(const QString &s) const
return getDivision(s) -> getFlagFile();
QString KGmap::getDivisionCapital(const QString &s) const
return getDivision(s) -> getCapital();
QStringList KGmap::getDivisionFalseCapitals(const QString &divisionName) const
return getDivision(divisionName) -> getFalseCapitals();
KLocalizedString KGmap::getCapitalToDivisionQuestionPattern() const
return ki18nc("@title:group", p_capitalToDivisionPattern.toUtf8());
......@@ -227,8 +212,3 @@ division *KGmap::getDivision(QRgb c) const
return NULL;
bool KGmap::getDivisionCanAsk(const QString &div, division::askMode am) const
return getDivision(div) -> canAsk(am);
......@@ -38,10 +38,6 @@ class KGmap
// return the number of askable divisions
uint count(division::askMode am) const;
QString getDivisionFlagFile(const QString &divisionName) const;
QString getDivisionCapital(const QString &divisionName) const;
QStringList getDivisionFalseCapitals(const QString &divisionName) const;
bool getDivisionCanAsk(const QString &div, division::askMode am) const;
QString getFile() const;
QString getFileName() const;
QString getMapFile() const;
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