Commit ffcf2f4e authored by Tushar Maheshwari's avatar Tushar Maheshwari
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fix nextWord logic to prevent infinite loop in certain cases

If the word contains any of the revealed characters, such as dashes, spaces,
middot or apostrophe, the loop to update them in the visible word doesn't make
progress. It starts from the beginning of the original word each iteration.
Since there are no changes in the original word, if it loops, it loops forever.
parent 2eccfc8a
......@@ -164,45 +164,31 @@ void KHangMan::readFile()
void KHangMan::nextWord()
// If there are no words, there's nothing we can do, trying will crash
if (m_randomList.count() == 0) {
if (m_randomList.isEmpty()) {
// Not sure why we are doing mod count here, may simplify later to just use m_randomInt
// since the list is already shuffled.
int whichWord = m_randomInt % m_randomList.count();
// Pick words from m_randomList sequentially since it is already shuffled.
int whichWord = m_randomInt++ % m_randomList.count();
m_originalWord = m_randomList[whichWord].first;
m_originalWord = m_originalWord.toUpper();
m_hint = m_randomList[whichWord].second;
if (m_originalWord.isEmpty()) {
Q_EMIT currentHintChanged();
int originalWordSize = m_originalWord.size();
while (m_currentWord.size() < originalWordSize)
// Find dashes, spaces, middot and apostrophe
const QString search = QStringLiteral("- ·'");
for (const QChar &key : search) {
int pos = m_originalWord.indexOf( key );
while (pos > 0) {
m_currentWord.replace(pos, 1, key);
pos = m_originalWord.indexOf( key );
for (const QChar &c : m_originalWord) {
if (search.contains(c)) {
} else {
Q_EMIT currentWordChanged();
void KHangMan::slotSetWordsSequence()
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