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    cmake: switch python & boost-python search to py3 · 1fdeff25
    Pino Toscano authored
    Python 2 is EOL now, and Python 3 has been available in distros for
    years already, so it is time to switch exclusively to Python 3.
    The actual changes to the BoostPython module are:
    - look for the python3 boost component (instead of python): while boost
      upstream does not provide it, most of the distros do; the alternative
      would be to look for the pythonXY components, which is not ideal...
    - look for the python libraries >= 3, setting as additional versions
      for the cmake module all the non-EOL Python 3 versions
    - set as Python versions for pkg-config all the non-EOL ones, using the
      embed version starting from Python 3.8 [1]
    [1] https://bugs.python.org/issue36721
    BUG: 419237
    FIXED-IN: 20.07.80
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