Commit 7f13da34 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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scripting: PyEval_CallObject -> PyObject_CallObject

It turns out the PyEval_* APIs has always been publically exposed but
undocumented; because of this, they were deprecated in Python 3.9.

Switch PyEval_CallObject to PyObject_CallObject, which has been
available for a very long time (even in Python 2.7).
parent 62e2c9b9
......@@ -525,9 +525,9 @@ ObjectImp* PythonScripter::calc( CompiledPythonScript& script, const Args& args
tuple argstup( argstuph );
handle<> reth( PyEval_CallObject( calcfunc.ptr(), argstup.ptr() ) );
handle<> reth( PyObject_CallObject( calcfunc.ptr(), argstup.ptr() ) );
// object resulto = calcfunc( argstup );
// handle<> reth( PyEval_CallObject( calcfunc.ptr(), args ) );
// handle<> reth( PyObject_CallObject( calcfunc.ptr(), args ) );
object resulto( reth );
extract<ObjectImp&> result( resulto );
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