Commit 91bfe713 authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel
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Port deprecated methods

parent eb22849b
......@@ -79,12 +79,12 @@ void KigFilter::parseError( const QString& explanation ) const
if ( explanation.isEmpty() )
KMessageBox::error( nullptr, text, title );
KMessageBox::detailedSorry( nullptr, text, explanation, title );
KMessageBox::detailedError( nullptr, text, explanation, title );
void KigFilter::notSupported( const QString& explanation ) const
KMessageBox::detailedSorry( nullptr,
KMessageBox::detailedError( nullptr,
i18n( "Kig cannot open this file." ),
explanation, i18n( "Not Supported" ) );
......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ bool MacroList::load( const QString& f, std::vector<Macro*>& ret, const KigPart&
return loadNew( main, ret, kdoc );
nullptr, i18n( "Kig cannot open the macro file \"%1\".", f ),
i18n( "This file was created by a very old Kig version (pre-0.4). "
"Support for this format has been removed from recent Kig versions. "
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