Commit ec283eab authored by Maurizio Paolini's avatar Maurizio Paolini
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Prevent crash during construction of circle by three points

In an "invalid" test the case of exactly superposed points was not contemplated.
Specifically we also need to cover for the case where norm1 or norm2 is numerically zero.

BUG: 430884
parent df13841e
......@@ -490,7 +490,7 @@ bool isSingular( const double& a, const double& b,
* test must be done relative to the magnitude of the two
* row (or column) vectors!
return ( std::fabs(det) < test_threshold*norm1*norm2 );
return ( std::fabs(det) <= test_threshold*norm1*norm2 );
const double double_inf = HUGE_VAL;
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