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    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Not-so-important changes to Kig: · c8976d3a
      Pino Toscano authored
      	* More tooltips and "what's this" to some dialog.
      	* No more file name in every file.
      	* More control on macro name: when loading from file, if a macro
      	has no name, we'll assign it a bogus one (like "Unnamed macro
      	#id"). Furthermore, we ensure that the user don't set an empty
      	name for a macro in the Edit Types Dialog.
      	* Other misc changes.
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=370664
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    • Dominique Devriese's avatar
      2004-05-18 Dominique Devriese <devriese@kde.org> · 25041dc0
      Dominique Devriese authored
              * Add a --convert-to-native command line option, which converts
              the given file to the native Kig file format ( without a GUI ).
              * Split up KigDocument into KigPart and KigDocument
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=312389
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      Commit another patch by Pino Toscano. · 040311cb
      Dominique Devriese authored
      This adds:
      - point styles
      - some i18n fixes
      - more work on the drgeo import filter
      CCMAIL:Pino Toscano <toscano.pino@tiscali.it>
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=299221
  15. 18 Jan, 2004 1 commit
    • Dominique Devriese's avatar
      The rest of all of my local changes. · e60bfdf7
      Dominique Devriese authored
      * bump the version number to 0.7.1
      * Work on the Cabri import filter, so that it actually becomes usable
        for some easier files..
      * Improve the errors given by the "New Script Wizard", by making
        it get a proper error description from the python interpreter.
      * Add a lot of documentation to the new classes.
      * Fix the moving system again, it now only redraws exactly those
        objects that need to be redrawn.  E.g. when a constrained point was
        moved, before it was assumed that all of its parents, and their
        children would move, whereas in reality, a constrained point does
        not move the curve it is constrained to.  This is now taken into
        account for.  This much optimizes the case where we move the
        constrained point in examples/sine-curve.kig.
      * Added a DESIGN document, documenting the Kig object system
        design.  I think that is rather finished now, and it's probably
        about time to try and make some other people than myself get it ;)
      * Remove support for the ancient pre-0.4 file format that we still
        supported opening.  If you still have old files around using it, you
        should convert them to the new format, by opening them with a Kig
        version between 0.4 to 0.6, and re-saving them.  Maintaining
        compatibility with these old files doesn't seem very useful, because
        I don't think there are many files in this format available, and
        therefore I didn't think it was worth the trouble of porting the
        code to the new object system.
      * Introduce a new file format that matches the new object system
        better.  Files in the old format can still be opened seamlessly.
      * Add undo/redo support for changing visible aspects of an object
        ( size, color, shown state ).  In the new system, this was as easy
        as replacing the ObjectDrawer of an ObjectHolder with another one.
      * Another ( hopefully the last ) major change to the object
        system.  Decouple the link between how an object is calced and how
        it is drawn.  We now have a hierarchy structure of ObjectCalcer's
        describing various objects and their interrelations.  On top of
        that, there are the ObjectHolder's, which hold a link to an
        ObjectCalcer from the hierarchy, and keep an ObjectDrawer describing
        how to draw it.  The document only keeps a list of ObjectHolder's,
        nothing else..
      Maurizio, err, the changes that I think are relevant to you are:
      1 improvements for the cabri file format filter
      2 redesign of the classes, and a lot of work on documentation
      3 improvement of the python scripting errors
      Have fun with it ;)
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=280616
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    • Dominique Devriese's avatar
      * show an appropriate error when trying to open an non-existing file.. · 5f390b0b
      Dominique Devriese authored
      * clean up the object parent-child relation mechanism.  Rather large
        code cleanup, that simplifies a lot of code..  Needed a
        backwards-compatible file format extension.  This commit now also
        adds proper treatment of internal objects, because it no longer
        relies on the inherently wrong isInternal() hack, but features The
        Correct Fix(tm).
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=229606
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    • Dominique Devriese's avatar
      large refactoring.. · e7126255
      Dominique Devriese authored
      Important changes are that:
      Object is split up into three parts:
      * ObjectImp is a class that does represents the Object's data. It does
        the drawing, stuff like contains() etc.
      * ObjectType is a class that calcs ObjectImp's from a certain number
        of parents..
      * Object itself now is a simple class that contains one ObjectImp and
        one ObjectType, some data like width, color etc., and that forwards
        requests to one of the above..
      Another set of changes is the representation of types.  The type class
      is split up into:
      1 a GUIAction class that is Kig's equivalent of a KAction.  Will
        prolly make this inherit KAction directly, instead of havind that
        done by a special KigAction
      2 a Constructible class.  This represents something that wants a
        certain number of args of certain types, and constructs some objects
        with them..
      3 well, ObjectType above does part of the work previously done by the
        Type class, namely drawPrelim and friends..
      The rest of the changes adapt the rest of kig to the new design.
      These changes are mainly for two things:
      1 cleanup of the code: there was quite some boilerplate code and undue
        templates in kig, that are now removed.  E.g. the artificial
        difference between drawPrelim and calc+draw is gone..
      2 necessary for the clean implementation new features:
        e.g. transformations of a circle can dynamically change type to
        conic when the transformation at hand is not a homothety,
        i'll add a bool enabled to constructibles some time in the future,
        so they can be disabled by the user ( e.g. some people have asked me
        for kig to only show ruler-compass stuff ), i'm thinking of adding
        scripting to kig some time in the future, and i think the current
        design allows this to be done easily...
      The redesign is mostly done, and what remains to be done is to
      reenable the things i disabled in the process of doing the change..
      1 i still need to hook up the GUIActions to the kigDocument again, so
        you actually see them
      2 file loading/saving is disabled
      3 macro's are disabled
      4 locuses are disabled
      5 transformations aren't finished
      6 i need to make sure that i haven't changed any i18n'able strings
        when that wasn't necessary..
      Because those things aren't finished yet, I'm putting this all in a
      new make_it_cool branch, where i can finish these things before they
      break HEAD..  I'd also feel more comfortable with this stuff in CVS,
      where it's harder to accidentally delete or something like that ;)
      Well, I think that about sums it up..
      Maurizio, I'm just CC'ing you to let you know what i'm doing, if you
      want, you can take a look at the new code, but it still needs a lot of
      work, and kig doesn't actually do anything useful atm ;)
      svn path=/branches/make_kdeedu_cool/kdeedu/kig/; revision=201478
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    • Dominique Devriese's avatar
      1 changed Locus::sFullTypeName() to Locus ( for some reason it was · be1ccd44
      Dominique Devriese authored
        "Curve" (??) )
      2 replaced ObjectHierarchy::calc() ( which resulted in certain objects
        being calced five times ( the locus in locustest.kig, most notably
        :( ) by an idea from KSeg.  What we do is now to just sort the
        objects we need to calc in a suitable way.  This is a bit more
        difficult than it sounds, and in the meanwhile, i think i've hit
        some sort of bug in my STL implementation (??), but it works now :)
      3 indentation fixes
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kig/; revision=175592