Commit 27512846 authored by Frédéric Brière's avatar Frédéric Brière
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Use readEntry() to read dictionary names in ConfigDictionarySelector

This is simpler, and brings ConfigDictionarySelector::updateWidgets()
more or less in line with Kiten::loadDictConfig().
parent b69648d0
......@@ -29,15 +29,9 @@ ConfigDictionarySelector::ConfigDictionarySelector( const QString &dictionaryNam
//Read from preferences to the active list
void ConfigDictionarySelector::updateWidgets()
QStringList names;
QString groupName = "dicts_" + _dictName;
KConfigGroup group = _config->config()->group( groupName );
KConfigSkeletonItem *item = _config->findItem( _dictName + "__NAMES" );
if( item != nullptr )
names = item->property().toStringList();
QStringList names = group.readEntry( "__NAMES", QStringList() );
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