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    Many internal changes for Parser and XParser: · 51b15d7c
    Fredrik Edemar authored
    * XParser::FktExt is merged to Parser::Ufkt as it simplify the code when looping through the functions.
    * Ufkt is now a standalone class, independent from Parser.
    * The changes stated above forced me to re-write the procedure of adding a function: Now all data for the new function isplaced in a temp-variable, the function is created and then all data is copied to the new function.
    * Both XParser and Parser were cleaned; some old functions were removed (the are not needed anymore as XParser::FktExt doesn't exist) and comments are added to the header files.
    * KmplotIO has the XParser-object as a member variable instead of an argument to the load and save functions.
    * A silly ';'-character after an if-statement made it impossible to define recursive functions before. That is fixed now.
    * The functions are now sorted in the edit-function dialog.
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