Commit 5ac11129 authored by Tobias Koenig's avatar Tobias Koenig
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Make use of XDG

svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kmplot/; revision=246568
parent 277e688c
......@@ -5,9 +5,7 @@ kmplot_LDADD = $(LIB_KFILE) $(LIB_KDEUI) $(LIB_KDECORE) $(LIB_QT) $(LIBSOCKET)
EXTRA_DIST = kmplot.desktop AttrDlg.cpp AttrDlg.h BezWnd.cpp BezWnd.h FktDlg.cpp FktDlg.h KOptDlg.cpp KOptDlg.h KoordDlg.cpp KoordDlg.h MainDlg.cpp MainDlg.h RstDlg.cpp RstDlg.h SkalDlg.cpp SkalDlg.h SwDlg.cpp SwDlg.h View.cpp View.h diagr.cpp diagr.h main.cpp main.h misc.cpp misc.h parser.cpp parser.h xparser.cpp xparser.h AttrDlgData.ui BezWndData.ui FktDlgData.ui KOptDlgData.ui KoordDlgData.ui RstDlgData.ui SkalDlgData.ui SwDlgData.ui kprinterdlg.cpp kprinterdlg.h ksettingsdlg.cpp ksettingsdls.h
appsdir = $(kde_appsdir)/Edutainment/Mathematics
apps_DATA = kmplot.desktop
xdg_apps_DATA = kmplot.desktop
# set the include path for X, qt and KDE
INCLUDES= $(all_includes)
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