Commit bf98160a authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella
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Port away from deprecated KIO::stat

parent 1949aee9
......@@ -743,8 +743,7 @@ bool MainDlg::fileExists(const QUrl &url)
bool fileExists = false;
if (url.isValid()) {
short int detailLevel = 0; // Lowest level: file/dir/symlink/none
KIO::StatJob *statjob = KIO::stat(url, KIO::StatJob::SourceSide, detailLevel);
KIO::StatJob *statjob = KIO::statDetails(url, KIO::StatJob::SourceSide, KIO::StatBasic);
bool noerror = statjob->exec();
if (noerror) {
// We want a file
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