Command Reference Menu Items Apart from the common &kde; menus described in the Menu chapter of the &kde; Fundamentals documentation &kmplot; has these application specific menu entries: The File Menu File Export... Exports the plotted graphs to an image file in all formats supported by &kde;. The Edit Menu EditConstants... Displays the Constants dialog box. See . The View Menu The first three items in the menu are related to zooming. &Ctrl;1 View Zoom In This tool can be operator in two different manners. To zoom in on a point on the graph, click on it. To zoom in on a specific section of the graph, hold and drag the mouse to form a rectangle, which will be the new axes ranges when the mouse button is released. &Ctrl;2 View Zoom Out The tool can also be used in two different manners. To zoom out and center on a point, click on that point. To fit the existing view into a rectangle, hold and drag the mouse to form that rectangle. View Fit Widget to Trigonometric Functions The scale will be adapted to trigonometric functions. This works both for radians and degrees. ViewReset View Resets the view. ViewCoordinate System... Displays the Coordinate System dialog box. See . View Show Sliders Toggles the visibility of the slider dialog. In the dialog move a slider to change the parameter of the function plot connected to it. Enable this on the Function tab and select one of the sliders to change the parameter value dynamically. The values vary from 0 (left) to 10 (right) by default, but can be changed in the slider dialog. For a small tutorial see Using Sliders. The Tools Menu This menu contains some tools for the functions that can be useful: Tools Calculator Opens the Calculator dialog. Tools Plot Area... Select a graph and the values of the horizontal axis in the new dialog that appears. Calculates the integral and draws the area between the graph and the horizontal axis in the range of the selected values in the color of the graph. Tools Find Minimum... Find the minimum value of the graph in a specified range. Tools Find Maximum... Find the maximum value of the graph in a specified range. The Help Menu &kmplot; has a standard &kde; Help with one addition: Help Predefined Math Functions... Opens this handbook with a list of the predefined function names and constants that &kmplot; knows.