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    Fixed bug #51708. This was an exit condition on Gentoo systems if the program was started at · 571110b5
    Jason Harris authored
    a position that is below the horizon. When this occurs, the program launches a KMessageBox
    that asks if the user would like to adjust the starting position. On Gentoo systems, the program
    exited (without error!) an instant after the user made a selection (Yes or No, did not matter!).
    Tests showed that when the message box was removed, the exit did not occur. Also, if the
    messagebox is shown after the main window has been displayed, the exit does not occur.
    So, as a workaround, we delayed showing the messagebox until after the main window has been
    show()-ed. We still don't understand this exit condition, but at least it no longer occurs.
    svn path=/branches/KDE_3_1_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=204328
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