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    Add RA/DEC fields to the list of controls which trigger a save. · e1a3f136
    Eric Dejouhanet authored
    Summary: RA/DEC fields were not triggering the signal calling setDirty and saving the scheduler job values.
    Test Plan:
    Create a scheduler job with any target and sequence.
    Double-click to edit the job.
    Edit RA and/or DEC fields.
    Without the fix, jobs would not re-evaluate on-the-fly to schedule the new coordinates, and values would not be saved.
    With the fix, re-evaluation is triggered when the focus leaves the edit field, and RA/DEC changes are properly saved.
    Reviewers: mutlaqja, wreissenberger
    Subscribers: kde-edu
    Tags: #kde_edu
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14679
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