Commit 0ab4cf66 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

2.9.4 aka Emad Change log

parent d9022757
......@@ -4,6 +4,64 @@ To produce log below, use:
$ git log --date=short --pretty=format:"%h %ad %<(20)%an %<(150,trunc)%s"
2.9.4 (Emad):
d902275 2018-04-08 Jasem Mutlaq Updated set as parking position message. Fixes D12033
4801574 2018-04-05 Jasem Mutlaq FITS improvements are complete and ready for testing.
d77bff3 2018-04-05 Jasem Mutlaq Initial work for parallelization in FITS classes
89ea1e1 2018-04-04 Robert Lancaster Few changes to make KStars compile on MacOS in addition to changes in INDI directory handling
0b936a7 2018-04-03 David Faure Fix compilation with Qt 5.11 - just a missing fwd decl
4621ada 2018-03-31 Csaba Kertesz Get some source files out of sanitizer support
b97bf5b 2018-03-31 Csaba Kertesz Optimize the FITS statistics and histogram calculations
fb134e9 2018-03-30 Jasem Mutlaq Set to first tab
c033e62 2018-03-29 Robert Lancaster Use RCC file to load icons on MacOS
99d6100 2018-03-29 Jasem Mutlaq Forgot to add resource header
d7bc193 2018-03-29 Jasem Mutlaq Load RCC resource on Windows
a4dca10 2018-03-28 Jasem Mutlaq Ignore capture if capture in progress flag is set but display a warning to the log nonetheless
12b2fe2 2018-03-28 Jasem Mutlaq Flat sync focus functionality now works but requires testing
350f173 2018-03-27 Jasem Mutlaq Bump to 2.9.4 and initial work for flat field frame synchronization with absolute focus position of corresponding light frames using the same filter
36b4c30 2018-03-27 Jasem Mutlaq Implement double spin box for PAH exposure and improve PAH refresh performance
51bfe44 2018-03-26 Jasem Mutlaq Add button to clear all logs including autofocus files. Add size format function to KSUtils
2a58471 2018-03-26 Jasem Mutlaq Improve debug statement when starting calibration
8d6b80f 2018-03-26 Jasem Mutlaq Save target CCD in case astrometry driver is not initiliazed yet. Save solver type immediately after changing selection
5b4c22e 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq Use HA of actual object, not mount. More more messages to logging to simplify the default Ekos on-screen log. Restore the scoreHigh sorting if enabled
4fefd47 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq Set time spec again after adding seconds since that resets timespecs to UTC by default
dc8f560 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq Fix compile error
2051486 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq More fixes to scheduler logic
5e66547 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq Always re-check job estimated time. Select active job in the list to improve scheduler usability
dab016e 2018-03-25 Jasem Mutlaq Various scheduler fixes
2077c8d 2018-03-24 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:392284
1e7a4fa 2018-03-24 Jasem Mutlaq Always restart evalutaion of all pending jobs. Do not set best candidate if it was an invalid job
ab02aaf 2018-03-24 Jasem Mutlaq Set state to progress on changing filter position
4632d93 2018-03-24 Jasem Mutlaq newStarPosition is already connected
d342ab1 2018-03-23 Jasem Mutlaq Minor reorganization and GUI improvements
4f7b6d7 2018-03-23 Jasem Mutlaq Integrate SEP with internal guider. Add support for reacquiring lost star automatically without aborting immediately
4d8f8e7 2018-03-23 Jasem Mutlaq Add functionality to clear expired dark frames. Small GUI improvements as well
207fbc1 2018-03-23 Jasem Mutlaq 0.99 good enough and will reject out of band widths
dd79e3c 2018-03-23 Jasem Mutlaq Disable unnecessary debug
5c52463 2018-03-22 Jasem Mutlaq Only reset guiding calibration when there is error.
cdfc4ac 2018-03-22 Jasem Mutlaq Use Qt_5_5 as base for binary version
24672b4 2018-03-22 Valentin Boettcher + Implementing binary reader for asteroid data to make it loading of larger data sets faster and more efficient. + Using qHash for all components. T..
1da9353 2018-03-17 Jasem Mutlaq Sync INDI drivers list
636634f 2018-03-17 Jasem Mutlaq autoWCS should be enabled by default
eda1639 2018-03-15 Jasem Mutlaq Improve logging for alignment and WCS
d0a3ad3 2018-03-15 Jasem Mutlaq Return false and not status on error
1be092d 2018-03-14 Csaba Kertesz Make sure there is no out of bound access on moon calculations
a1fc053 2018-03-14 Csaba Kertesz Move 3rdparty photometry sources out of Unity Build and apply warning surpression on those files
63b7317 2018-03-13 Jasem Mutlaq Sync INDI drivers with upstream
8a4f8f3 2018-03-12 Jasem Mutlaq Opps first tab should be the active one
d340153 2018-03-12 Jasem Mutlaq Add option to reset mount model before each job
e892b95 2018-03-11 Jasem Mutlaq Enable BLOB when starting video stream in case it was disabled due to external guider usage
dd72a7d 2018-03-08 Jasem Mutlaq Add exception to networkAccessible() call in online astrometry parser
87eb1fb 2018-03-06 Jasem Mutlaq Get all objects as proposed by INDI forum user fehlfarbe
4bc165b 2018-03-06 Jasem Mutlaq Fix crash condition
410fd45 2018-03-05 Jasem Mutlaq Remove extra options not needed anymore
df8432f 2018-03-02 Jasem Mutlaq Do not display error of internet connection if astrometry URL is local
79001ff 2018-02-27 Jasem Mutlaq Improve handling of DSLR info dialog and only show when necessary
cc9f2a6 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:391114 FIXED-IN:2.9.4
92f6cef 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq Calculate mean and stddev for multi-channel FITS
a940457 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq Force use of FITS Viewer when we are doing ADU calculations
2.9.3 (Trappist):
c3dbe12 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:390124 FIXED-IN:2.9.3
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