Commit 0abaa846 authored by Wolfgang Reissenberger's avatar Wolfgang Reissenberger Committed by Jasem Mutlaq
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Summary: Logging output in Capture corrected, considering

only the counts of a single sequence job

Test Plan:
Create an Capture plan with two entries of the same
filter. Check, whether the log output displays the correct counts
of captured images and total images.

Reviewers: TallFurryMan, mutlaqja

Reviewed By: mutlaqja

Differential Revision:
parent 46523bed
......@@ -1220,10 +1220,7 @@ bool Capture::setCaptureComplete()
// FIXME JM 2018-08-02: This doesn't make sense? getTotalFramesCount(signature) would return ALL counts
// for a particular signature. For LRGBRGB, and suppose 5 frames each, then total frame count is 10
// when job count is 5
appendLogText(i18n("Received image %1 out of %2.", seqCurrentCount, getTotalFramesCount(activeJob->getSignature())));
appendLogText(i18n("Received image %1 out of %2.", seqCurrentCount, seqTotalCount));
emit newStatus(Ekos::CAPTURE_IMAGE_RECEIVED);
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