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......@@ -197,6 +197,18 @@ desired satellite from the list with a simple click on its checkbox.
The <guilabel>Supernovae</guilabel> page allows you to decide if the supernovae are displayed or not by checking the <guilabel>Show supernovae</guilabel> checkbox. You can configure KStars to check for recent supernovae on startup and you can also enable supernova alerts. The magnitude limit for showing the supernovae and for supernova alerts can be set using the spin boxes control.
<indexterm><primary>Configure &kstars; window</primary>
<secondary>Guides page</secondary></indexterm>
The <guilabel>Guides</guilabel> page lets you toggle whether non-objects
are displayed (&ie;, constellation lines, constellation names, the
Milky Way contour, the <link linkend="ai-cequator">celestial
equator</link>, <link linkend="ai-ecliptic">the ecliptic</link>, <link
linkend="ai-horizon">the horizon line</link>, and the opaque ground).
You can also choose whether you would like to see Latin constellation
names, <acronym>IAU</acronym>-standard three-letter abbreviations, or
constellation names using your local language.
<indexterm><primary>Configure &kstars; window</primary>
<secondary>Colors page</secondary></indexterm>
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