Commit 589b12a9 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

Make meridian flip successful only if there is an RA diff

parent eda80449
......@@ -3140,7 +3140,13 @@ void Capture::processTelescopeNumber(INumberVectorProperty *nvp)
double ra, dec;
currentTelescope->getEqCoords(&ra, &dec);
double diffRA = initialRA - ra;
if (fabs(diffRA) > MF_RA_DIFF_LIMIT || nvp->s == IPS_OK)
// If the mount is actually flipping then we should see a difference in RA
// which if it exceeded MF_RA_DIFF_LIMIT (4 hours) then we consider it to be
// undertaking the flip. Otherwise, it's not flipping and let timeout takes care of
// of that
// Are there any mounts that do NOT change RA while flipping? i.e. do it silently?
// Need to investigate that bit
if (fabs(diffRA) > MF_RA_DIFF_LIMIT/* || nvp->s == IPS_OK*/)
meridianFlipStage = MF_SLEWING;
......@@ -3287,7 +3293,7 @@ void Capture::checkMeridianFlipTimeout()
if (meridianFlipStage < MF_ALIGNING)
appendLogText(i18n("Telescope meridian flip timed out."));
appendLogText(i18n("Telescope meridian flip timed out. Please make sure your mount supports meridian flip."));
KNotification::event( QLatin1String( "MeridianFlipFailed" ) , i18n("Meridian flip failed"));
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