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2.9.0 Change log

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......@@ -4,6 +4,42 @@ To produce log below, use:
$ git log --date=short --pretty=format:"%h %ad %<(20)%an %<(150,trunc)%s"
2.9.0 (Lancaster):
928bb5b 2018-01-08 Robert Lancaster I was doing more testing, and the range on the sliders needs to be expanded just slightly so that it includes all the data.
a55bfd0 2018-01-08 Jasem Mutlaq Bump INDI dependency to v1.6.1
307c222 2018-01-08 Robert Lancaster In preparation for the OS X release of KStars 2.9.0, I hunted around for any bugs I could find and I made several small changes.
85d69f5 2018-01-07 Jasem Mutlaq Bump to 2.9.0
72e37f4 2018-01-07 Robert Lancaster Significant improvements to star profile viewer
fd4b89f 2018-01-07 Jasem Mutlaq Update INDI XML drivers file
646c06b 2018-01-07 Jasem Mutlaq Include WCS lib if it was detected
83498b9 2018-01-04 Robert Lancaster This patch is for KStars. It will set the path in the environment variable for the DSI to function on Mac. Second, I thought the environment varia..
ac53973 2018-01-02 Jasem Mutlaq Make Qt5DataVisualization optional
a80201d 2018-01-02 Robert Lancaster This patch and the accompanying files should create a 3D star profile plot that will be available in the guide and focus modules. Note that current..
bc16599 2018-01-02 Jasem Mutlaq Try to make it compile for older Qt versions and minor refactor
660266c 2017-12-31 Robert Lancaster Just a few minor changes.
b991d24 2017-12-31 Robert Lancaster As I said, I would try to take care of the Dither issues with PHD2. This patch should prevent the observed problems.
064437e 2017-12-31 Jasem Mutlaq Add min and max to the list
43ecd47 2017-12-31 Robert Lancaster This patch does several things:
8ba4cd3 2017-12-29 Robert Lancaster This patch should do the following:
ead1b81 2017-12-27 Jasem Mutlaq Dome toolbar is operational now and ready for testing
b536337 2017-12-27 Jasem Mutlaq Initial work for adding a dome toolbar
625721e 2017-12-27 Jasem Mutlaq This patch should fix two bugs I found with PHD2.
3b61f05 2017-12-27 Jasem Mutlaq + Fix issue with non-guide dithering blocking regular calibration. + Fix issue with non-guide dithering getting triggered while guiding. + Robert fi..
25abb45 2017-12-27 Jasem Mutlaq Fix small typo
4e95346 2017-12-26 Robert Lancaster This patch should add the pulse graphs for RA and DEC with settings to turn them off. It includes a slider to adjust the height of the corrections ..
41bfb77 2017-12-24 Robert Lancaster This patch adds tooltips for the guide buttons I added in the last patch. It also remembers 3 of the settings in the KStars config file. And final..
9f23a79 2017-12-23 Robert Lancaster This patch will add the following items: 1. A Time Slider for the guide plots, which also functions as a scrolling view for the drift graph. 2. A ..
a2731b1 2017-12-23 Jasem Mutlaq Add defualt focuser option and make default devices selection more reliable and consistent across modules
904ca5b 2017-12-23 Jasem Mutlaq Add set as parking position option to simplify this process for end users
38fc232 2017-12-22 Jasem Mutlaq Remove lock policy from filter manager and let focus module handle it as it reduces complexity and fixes some corner issues. BUG:388129 FIXED-IN:2.9.0
3ec398b 2017-12-22 Jasem Mutlaq Make sure to set the ST4 and Guide drivers on explicit set since combobox index does not necessary trigger signal to setST4
f28673e 2017-12-22 Jasem Mutlaq Remove unused variables
a2809ae 2017-11-17 Aleix Pol Adapt the cmake buildsystem to be able to work with KDE CI
0b5b265 2017-12-18 Robert Lancaster This should make sure that the host and port get set correctly for PHD2 and linguider when switching profiles.
098ecf2 2017-12-17 Jasem Mutlaq 2.8.9 changelog update
06b1afd 2017-12-17 Jasem Mutlaq Disable parity option by default as it could be problematic
2.8.9 (Sarin):
bcf13d8 2017-12-16 Robert Lancaster Add scatter plot in guide module
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