Commit 6dfc6b75 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

2.9.3 Release and changelog

parent c3dbe12c
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ PROJECT(kstars CXX C)
set (KStars_VERSION_MAJOR 2)
set (KStars_VERSION_MINOR 9)
#Build KStars Lite with -DKSTARS_LITE=ON
option(BUILD_KSTARS_LITE "Build KStars Lite" OFF)
......@@ -4,6 +4,53 @@ To produce log below, use:
$ git log --date=short --pretty=format:"%h %ad %<(20)%an %<(150,trunc)%s"
2.9.3 (Trappist):
c3dbe12 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:390124 FIXED-IN:2.9.3
fad13cc 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:391085 FIXED-IN:2.9.3
e4e132a 2018-02-26 Jasem Mutlaq Use exposure looping count and do not trigger notifications for fast exposures
e020d35 2018-02-25 Jasem Mutlaq Add INFO debug for setting time and location from device
001be87 2018-02-25 Robert Lancaster Enable some elements when PHD2 is active
7c0ab12 2018-02-25 Jasem Mutlaq Update temma binary
bbaab15 2018-02-22 Jasem Mutlaq Add 24 and 12 hour format for polaris angle as suggested by Patrick
5c02d03 2018-02-22 Pino Toscano cmake: explicitly require the Auth Framework
65c7e5d 2018-02-21 Jasem Mutlaq BUGS:390124
10437c9 2018-02-21 Jasem Mutlaq Opps revert last change. Should be centroid by default
546dfef 2018-02-21 Jasem Mutlaq Use solver path in detection.
c3bf4c5 2018-02-20 Jasem Mutlaq Increase minimum area size to 10
291c478 2018-02-20 Jasem Mutlaq Reset order to Gradient -> Centroid -> Threshold -> SEP
23c0483 2018-02-19 Jasem Mutlaq Fix compile error
95f4823 2018-02-19 Jasem Mutlaq Initial experimental support for rapid looping
aaf7823 2018-02-19 Jasem Mutlaq Increase max count for captured images
86ad796 2018-02-19 Jasem Mutlaq Increase maximum lost star retries to 10 in case of passing clouds
fe42271 2018-02-18 Jasem Mutlaq Add SEP handling to focus module. Restructure findStars in FITSData.
3e1bb98 2018-02-18 Jasem Mutlaq Merge branch 'master' of git://
7e7636c 2018-02-16 Jasem Mutlaq Raise maximum value if saved maximum travel is higher than default maximum value of 50,000
39f8769 2018-02-15 Jasem Mutlaq Initial work for SEP integration
4b6cd16 2018-02-14 Jasem Mutlaq Always set binning before setFrame to ensure proper sequence of events in case subframed image dimensions can only work under binning
409cd8a 2018-02-14 Jasem Mutlaq Add more checks for filter current index
926b21d 2018-02-14 Jasem Mutlaq Remove -m 100 since it is already by default 128
88537aa 2018-02-11 Jasem Mutlaq Flush fits file when saving
f79a51c 2018-02-09 Jasem Mutlaq Use fits_open_diskfile to enable reading filename that may contain paranthesis and brackets.
1f1ded1 2018-02-06 Jasem Mutlaq Increment finishFramesCount in each job
f32fdfb 2018-02-06 Jasem Mutlaq Include QMap otherwise it fails to compile on some systems
8cf30f4 2018-02-06 Jasem Mutlaq Check for nullptr to prevent crash in FITS Viewer.
6215c60 2018-02-06 Jasem Mutlaq Update Max Travel to focuser limits.
ed81f2a 2018-02-05 Jasem Mutlaq use rule from last geo location
42dabde 2018-02-05 Jasem Mutlaq Fix typo
6b2fb50 2018-02-04 Jasem Mutlaq Increase version number due to GUI changes
f2a834a 2018-02-04 Jasem Mutlaq More progress to fix the identical jobs issue in scheduler and capture
9a5ded0 2018-02-04 Csaba Kertesz Don't use internal resource for the GUI because it breaks custom shortcut loading/saving
f3daa23 2018-02-04 Jasem Mutlaq More progress toward fixing multiple identical jobs in the scheduler queue
b7e382f 2018-02-04 Jasem Mutlaq Simplify completed jobs count
576e77c 2018-02-04 Jasem Mutlaq More debug statements
1e7ba9c 2018-02-03 Jasem Mutlaq Improve QtConcurrent location and remove existing mutexes to enhance performance.
42c5353 2018-02-03 David Faure Enable QT_NO_CAST_TO_ASCII and fix compilation
8dc1817 2018-02-02 Jasem Mutlaq If not subframed, set frame settings to the maximum image size even if the current frames upon connection are less than a full frame
6b91b0c 2018-02-01 Jasem Mutlaq Keep track of identical scheduler jobs with identical sequences to avoid marking all identical jobs as complete. BUGS:389738
28bf635 2018-01-31 Jasem Mutlaq Enable limits settings by default. Display warnings if they are selected but if the respective modules are not active yet
83c8b08 2018-01-30 Jasem Mutlaq Make another executable for KStars Lite on non-Android systems. Make sure this does not break Android build
2.9.2 (Titawin):
982e9ce 2018-01-29 Jasem Mutlaq Fix crashing on older Qt systems when reloading QML sources by deleting context. BUGS:389583
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