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GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction)

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......@@ -213,7 +213,6 @@
<li xml:lang="nl">Catalogi die kunnen worden gedownload, met inbegrip van Messier objecten, Abell planetaire nevels, Sharpless Catalogus, Lynds Dark Nebula Catalog (catalogus donkere nevels)</li>
<li xml:lang="pl">Katalogi do pobrania zawierające obrazy Messier, Mgławicę planetarną Abell, Katalog Sharpless, Katalog Lynds Dark Nebula</li>
<li xml:lang="pt">Catálogos disponíveis para transferência, incluindo as imagens Messier, as Nebulosas Planetárias Abell, o Catálogo Sharpless e o Catálogo de Nebulosas Escuras Lynds</li>
<li xml:lang="sk">Stiahnuteľné katalógy obsahujúce Messierove obrázky, Abellove planetárne hmloviny, Sharpless Catalog, Lynds Dark Nebula Catalog</li>
<li xml:lang="sl">Katalogi, ki jih je mogoče prejeti in vsebujejo Messierjeve slike, Abellove planetarne meglice, Sharplessov katalog in Lyndsov katalog temnih meglic</li>
<li xml:lang="sv">Nerladdningsbara kataloger som omfattar Messier-bilder, Abell planetära nebulosor, Sharpless-katalog, Lynds katalog över mörka nebulosor</li>
<li xml:lang="tr">İndirilebilir kataloglar, Messier Görüntüleri, Abell Gezegenimsi Bulutsusu ve Sharpless Kataloğu, Lynds Koyu Bulutsusu Kataloğu'nuda içerir</li>
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