Commit 80cb32f1 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq
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Hide mount control on disconnection

parent c3194ac8
......@@ -180,6 +180,7 @@ void Mount::setTelescope(ISD::GDInterface *newTelescope)
connect(currentTelescope, SIGNAL(switchUpdated(ISwitchVectorProperty *)), this,
SLOT(updateSwitch(ISwitchVectorProperty *)), Qt::UniqueConnection);
connect(currentTelescope, SIGNAL(newTarget(QString)), this, SIGNAL(newTarget(QString)), Qt::UniqueConnection);
connect(currentTelescope, SIGNAL(Disconnected()), m_BaseView, SLOT(hide()), Qt::UniqueConnection);
//Disable this for now since ALL INDI drivers now log their messages to verbose output
//connect(currentTelescope, SIGNAL(messageUpdated(int)), this, SLOT(updateLog(int)), Qt::UniqueConnection);
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