Commit 82eb8423 authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

Disabling some icons which are missing

parent e78a0981
......@@ -143,18 +143,21 @@ AstroCalc::AstroCalc( QWidget* parent ) :
acStack->addWidget( splashScreen );
// Load icons
// JM 2016-10-02: Those are missing, disabling the icons for now
QIcon jdIcon = QIcon ("jd.png");
QIcon geodIcon = QIcon ("geodetic.png");
QIcon solarIcon = QIcon ("geodetic.png");
// QIcon sunsetIcon = QIcon ("sunset.png"); // Its usage is commented out.
QIcon timeIcon = QIcon ("sunclock.png");
QIcon timeIcon = QIcon ("sunclock.png");*/
/* Populate the tree widget and widget stack */
// Time-related entries
QTreeWidgetItem * timeItem = addTreeTopItem(navigationPanel, i18n("Time Calculators"), messageTime);
addTreeItem<modCalcJD> (timeItem, i18n("Julian Day"))->setIcon(0,jdIcon);
//addTreeItem<modCalcJD> (timeItem, i18n("Julian Day"))->setIcon(0,jdIcon);
addTreeItem<modCalcJD> (timeItem, i18n("Julian Day"));
addTreeItem<modCalcSidTime> (timeItem, i18n("Sidereal Time"));
addTreeItem<modCalcDayLength>(timeItem, i18n("Almanac"));
addTreeItem<modCalcEquinox> (timeItem, i18n("Equinoxes & Solstices"));
......@@ -172,7 +175,7 @@ AstroCalc::AstroCalc( QWidget* parent ) :
// Solar System related entries
QTreeWidgetItem * solarItem = addTreeTopItem(navigationPanel, i18n("Solar System"), messageSolar);
addTreeItem<modCalcPlanets> (solarItem, i18n("Planets Coordinates"));
addTreeItem<ConjunctionsTool>(solarItem, i18n("Conjunctions"));
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