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......@@ -967,7 +967,7 @@ is not present in &kstars; cities database. Browsing the entire list is not so e
provides you a easy-to-use method for selecting your desired city in a short time. You may filter the
list of cities by the name of your city, province and country. By giving more details about your location, the
list's size will reduced only to its best matches. When you highlight a city in the cities list, the
<guilabel>Longitude</guilabel> and <guilabel>Latitude</guilabel> boxes will be updated, contaning the accurate
<guilabel>Longitude</guilabel> and <guilabel>Latitude</guilabel> boxes will be updated, containing the accurate
information of your selected location. When you hit the <guibutton>Next</guibutton> button, you will get the last
page of &kstars; Setup Wizard: <quote>Download Extra Data Files</quote> page. Here you may download optional data
files via the Internet, in order to enhance &kstars;, such as Messier object images, or a more complete NGC/IC catalog.
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