Commit b43e6ece authored by Akarsh Simha's avatar Akarsh Simha
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Enable newly created SyncedCatalogComponent catalogs by default.

This ensures that any newly created SyncedCatalogComponent-based
catalog is enabled by default at startup.
parent f9fdbbbc
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ SyncedCatalogComponent::SyncedCatalogComponent( SkyComposite *parent,
db->AddCatalog( catData );
m_catId = db->FindCatalog( catname );
Options::setShowCatalogNames( Options::showCatalogNames() << catname );
Q_ASSERT( m_catId >= 0 );
m_catColor = "#ff0000"; // FIXME: HARDCODED!
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