Commit b7e3810b authored by Eric Dejouhanet's avatar Eric Dejouhanet Committed by Jasem Mutlaq
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Fixes for the Scheduler and Capture modules

- Adds a type for the captured frame map.
- Updates captured frames map when a capture completes.
- Removes use of general variables and prefer activeJob whenever possible in the capture module.
- Fixes the issue with duplicated scheduler jobs using duplicated sequence jobs. (Issue was in the duration estimation, which was not properly consolidating captured frames for single scheduler jobs.)
- Fixes evaluation of Hour Angle when checking meridian flip in the case DEC is +/-90 degrees (undefined HA).
- Fixes unexpected slew when repeating a scheduler job with no pipeline step checked.
- Fixes dbus error management, reworks function unParkMount to clarify state.
- Fixes park/unpark looping in unparked/parked state, reworks checkMountParkingStatus.
- Fixes capture progress at 100% at the beginning of capture.
- Fixes incoherent use of target prefix in the capture path.
- Adds a message in the Capture module when a capture aborts.
- Fixes signature management when an hardcoded prefix is used in the sequence.
- Updates duplicate job warning, incorrect when two different sequences have the same storage.
- Fixes no-step job looping on altitude check.
- Fixes update of captured frames map for sequence jobs already complete.

There are no additional abort detections, so Scheduler may still get stuck if the error doesn't come up at its level. A later change will introduce timeouts for Scheduler steps.

Test Plan:
Use as many tests vectors as possible, in various configurations.
- simple_test tested OK
- simple_test_no_twilight tested OK
- duplicated_scheduler_jobs_no_twilight tested OK
- duplicated_scheduler_jobs_duplicated_sequence_jobs_no_twilight tested OK
- complex_job tested OK, but there is a bug remaining on guiding deviation

Message "Manual scheduled focusing is not supported" is still annoying when running test vectors in sequence, to be investigated and eventually removed very soon.

Image count update in the Scheduler is still an issue, and is probably not just picking a signal and increasing a count.

There is a spurious folder created with the name of the capture prefix. This is a regression from the signature fix for the prefix issue. Fairly minimal, but not professional.

Guider is doing weird things when used with the simulator. It detects offset on the guide star although the simulator always produce the same image, only noise is different from frame to frame, and this seems to cause issues with drift calculation. Or the settings of my guider page are completely off... However, the guider is able to produce a guiding deviation that exceeds the bounds acceptable for exposure, and capture suspends.
Now this is still an issue in the last differential: capture module suspends for 60 seconds waiting for the guider, guider never really asserts return to bounds, and capture module never asserts the suspend timer neither. Ooof.

To get a guiding abort with the simulator in a development VM, pause the VM for a few minutes or hours.
This will cause a large instant deviation that will abort the guiding procedure.
This currently causes the Scheduler to properly abort, but then loop indefinitely without succeeding in restarting its jobs.

Reviewers: mutlaqja, wreissenberger

Reviewed By: mutlaqja

Subscribers: kde-edu

Tags: #kde_edu

Differential Revision:
parent 27ae34f2
......@@ -435,8 +435,8 @@ void Capture::start()
void Capture::stop(bool abort)
retries = 0;
seqTotalCount = 0;
seqCurrentCount = 0;
//seqTotalCount = 0;
//seqCurrentCount = 0;
......@@ -445,7 +445,9 @@ void Capture::stop(bool abort)
if (activeJob->getStatus() == SequenceJob::JOB_BUSY)
KSNotification::event(QLatin1String("CaptureFailed"), i18n("CCD capture aborted"));
QString const abort_text = i18n("CCD capture aborted");
KSNotification::event(QLatin1String("CaptureFailed"), abort_text);
if (activeJob->isPreview() == false)
......@@ -532,6 +534,8 @@ void Capture::stop(bool abort)
activeJob = nullptr;
void Capture::sendNewImage(QImage *image, ISD::CCDChip *myChip)
......@@ -1180,7 +1184,7 @@ bool Capture::setCaptureComplete()
KSNotification::event(QLatin1String("EkosCaptureImageReceived"), i18n("Captured image received"), KSNotification::EVENT_INFO);
// If it was initially set as preview job
if (seqTotalCount <= 0)
if (activeJob->isPreview())
// Reset upload mode if it was changed by preview
......@@ -1205,6 +1209,14 @@ bool Capture::setCaptureComplete()
return false;
/* Increase the sequence's current capture count */
activeJob->setCompleted(activeJob->getCompleted() + 1);
/* If we were assigned a captured frame map, also increase the relevant counter for prepareJob */
SchedulerJob::CapturedFramesMap::iterator frame_item = capturedFramesMap.find(activeJob->getSignature());
if (capturedFramesMap.end() != frame_item)
if (activeJob->getFrameType() != FRAME_LIGHT)
if (processPostCaptureCalibrationStage() == false)
......@@ -1214,16 +1226,15 @@ bool Capture::setCaptureComplete()
calibrationStage = CAL_CAPTURING;
/* The image progress has now one more capture */
appendLogText(i18n("Received image %1 out of %2.", seqCurrentCount, seqTotalCount));
appendLogText(i18n("Received image %1 out of %2.", activeJob->getCompleted(), activeJob->getCount()));
emit newStatus(Ekos::CAPTURE_IMAGE_RECEIVED);
// Check if we need to execute post capture script first
if (activeJob->getPostCaptureScript().isEmpty() == false)
......@@ -1234,7 +1245,7 @@ bool Capture::setCaptureComplete()
// if we're done
if (seqCurrentCount >= seqTotalCount)
if (activeJob->getCount() <= activeJob->getCompleted())
return true;
......@@ -1298,8 +1309,8 @@ bool Capture::resumeSequence()
return false;
// If seqTotalCount is zero, we have to find if there are more pending jobs in the queue
if (seqTotalCount == 0)
// If no job is active, we have to find if there are more pending jobs in the queue
if (!activeJob)
SequenceJob *next_job = nullptr;
......@@ -1593,7 +1604,7 @@ void Capture::captureImage()
case SequenceJob::CAPTURE_OK:
appendLogText(i18n("Capturing image..."));
appendLogText(i18n("Capturing %1-second %2 image...", QString::number(activeJob->getExposure(),'g',3), activeJob->getFilterName()));
if (activeJob->isPreview() == false)
int index = jobs.indexOf(activeJob);
......@@ -1694,7 +1705,7 @@ void Capture::checkSeqBoundary(const QString &path)
int newFileIndex = -1;
QString tempName;
seqFileCount = 0;
// seqFileCount = 0;
// No updates during meridian flip
if (meridianFlipStage >= MF_ALIGNING)
......@@ -1710,12 +1721,16 @@ void Capture::checkSeqBoundary(const QString &path)
tempName = info.completeBaseName();
QString finalSeqPrefix = seqPrefix;
// find the prefix first
if (tempName.startsWith(finalSeqPrefix, Qt::CaseInsensitive) == false)
/* Do not change the number of captures.
* - If the sequence is required by the end-user, unconditionally run what each sequence item is requiring.
* - If the sequence is required by the scheduler, use capturedFramesMap to determine when to stop capturing.
int lastUnderScoreIndex = tempName.lastIndexOf("_");
if (lastUnderScoreIndex > 0)
......@@ -1966,6 +1981,7 @@ bool Capture::addJob(bool preview)
QString directoryPostfix;
/* FIXME: Refactor directoryPostfix assignment, whose code is duplicated in scheduler.cpp */
if (targetName.isEmpty())
directoryPostfix = QLatin1Literal("/") + frameTypeCombo->currentText();
......@@ -2237,95 +2253,119 @@ void Capture::prepareJob(SequenceJob *job)
activeJob = job;
qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << "Preparing capture job" << job->getFullPrefix() << "for execution.";
qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << "Preparing capture job" << job->getSignature() << "for execution.";
if (activeJob->getActiveCCD() != currentCCD)
if (activeJob->isPreview())
/*if (activeJob->isPreview())
seqTotalCount = -1;
seqTotalCount = activeJob->getCount();
seqTotalCount = activeJob->getCount();*/
seqDelay = activeJob->getDelay();
seqCurrentCount = activeJob->getCompleted();
// seqCurrentCount = activeJob->getCompleted();
if (activeJob->isPreview() == false)
// set the progress info
if (currentCCD->getUploadMode() != ISD::CCD::UPLOAD_LOCAL)
updateSequencePrefix(activeJob->getFullPrefix(), activeJob->getSignature());
// We check if the job is already fully or partially complete by checking how many files of its type exist on the file system unless ignoreJobProgress is set to true
if (ignoreJobProgress == false && activeJob->isPreview() == false)
// We check if the job is already fully or partially complete by checking how many files of its type exist on the file system
if (activeJob->isPreview() == false)
// The signature is the unique identification path in the system for a particular job
// e.g. /home/jasem/M45/Light_Red
// The signature is the unique identification path in the system for a particular job. Format is "<storage path>/<target>/<frame type>/<filter name>".
// If the Scheduler is requesting the Capture tab to process a sequence job, a target name will be inserted after the sequence file storage field (e.g. /path/to/storage/target/Light/...)
// If the end-user is requesting the Capture tab to process a sequence job, the sequence file storage will be used as is (e.g. /path/to/storage/Light/...)
QString signature = activeJob->getSignature();
// Now check on the file system ALL the files that exist with the above signature
// If 29 files exist for example, then nextSequenceID would be the NEXT file number (30)
// Therefore, we know how to number the next file.
// However, we do not deduce the number of captures to process from this function.
// Captured Frames Map contains a list of signatures:count of _already_ captured files in the file system.
// This is usually set by the scheduler in case we have duplicate signatures.
// Eg. Simple Sequence = LRGB
// Scheduler wants to run job 3 times, with each sequence capture 5 frames per filter.
// When the first scheduler job is complete. On the file system, we have 20 images (5 for each filter)
// When the SECOND job scheduler starts. It already finds 20 images on the filter system, so it sets
// the signatures of L,R,G, and B to ZERO (seqFileCount) even though seqFileCount is set to 5 by the
// checkSeqBoundary function since this is what exists on the filter system for this signature.
// Therefore, we continue to capture the SECOND scheduler job without issues.
// This is the purpose of capturedFramesMap
// This map is set by the Scheduler in order to complete efficiently the required captures.
// When the end-user requests a sequence to be processed, that map is empty.
// Example with a 5xL-5xR-5xG-5xB sequence
// When the end-user loads and runs this sequence, each filter gets to capture 5 frames, then the procedure stops.
// When the Scheduler executes a job with this sequence, the procedure depends on what is in the storage.
// Let's consider the Scheduler has 3 instances of this job to run.
// When the first job completes the sequence, there are 20 images in the file system (5 for each filter).
// When the second job starts, Scheduler finds those 20 images but requires 20 more images, thus sets the frames map counters to 0 for all LRGB frames.
// When the third job starts, Scheduler now has 40 images, but still requires 20 more, thus again sets the frames map counters to 0 for all LRGB frames.
// Now let's consider something went wrong, and the third job was aborted before getting to 60 images, say we have full LRG, but only 1xB.
// When Scheduler attempts to run the aborted job again, it will count captures in storage, substract previous job requirements, and set the frames map counters to 0 for LRG, and 4 for B.
// When the sequence runs, the procedure will bypass LRG and proceed to capture 4xB.
if (capturedFramesMap.contains(signature))
seqFileCount = capturedFramesMap[signature];
if (seqFileCount > 0)
// Get the TOTAL count of frames for a particular signature
// e.g. Suppose Sequnce is LRGBRGB each 5 frames
// getTotalFramesCount("R") = 10
int totalSignatureFrameCount = getTotalFramesCount(signature);
// Get the current capture count from the map
int count = capturedFramesMap[signature];
// Fully complete
if (seqFileCount >= totalSignatureFrameCount)
qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << "Job" << job->getFullPrefix() << "already complete.";
// Count how many captures this job has to process, given that previous jobs may have done some work already
foreach (SequenceJob *a_job, jobs)
if (a_job == activeJob)
else if (a_job->getSignature() == activeJob->getSignature())
count -= a_job->getCompleted();
// This is the current completion count of the current job
// No preliminary information, we reset the job count and run the job unconditionally to clarify the behavior
// Partially complete
seqCurrentCount = seqFileCount;
qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << "Job" << job->getFullPrefix() << seqCurrentCount << "out of" << seqTotalCount << "is complete.";
// Check whether active job is complete by comparing required captures to what is already available
if (activeJob->getCount() <= activeJob->getCompleted())
appendLogText(i18n("Job requires %1-second %2 images, has already %3/%4 captures and does not need to run.",
QString::number(job->getExposure(),'g',3), job->getFilterName(),
activeJob->getCompleted(), activeJob->getCount()));
// Emit progress update
emit newImage(nullptr, activeJob);
/* FIXME: find a clearer way to exit here */
// There are captures to process
appendLogText(i18n("Job requires %1-second %2 images, has %3/%4 frames captured and will be processed.",
QString::number(job->getExposure(),'g',3), job->getFilterName(),
activeJob->getCompleted(), activeJob->getCount()));
// Emit progress update - done a few lines below
// emit newImage(nullptr, activeJob);
if (currentCCD->isBLOBEnabled() == false)
// FIXME: Move this warning pop-up elsewhere, it will interfere with automation.
if (Options::guiderType() != Ekos::Guide::GUIDE_INTERNAL || KMessageBox::questionYesNo(nullptr, i18n("Image transfer is disabled for this camera. Would you like to enable it?")) ==
......@@ -2591,8 +2631,11 @@ void Capture::setGuideDeviation(double delta_ra, double delta_dec)
appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 exceeded limit value of %2 arcsecs, aborting exposure.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value()));
appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 exceeded limit value of %2 arcsecs, "
"aborting exposure and waiting for guider up to %3 seconds.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value(),
spikeDetected = false;
......@@ -2626,17 +2669,19 @@ void Capture::setGuideDeviation(double delta_ra, double delta_dec)
if (seqDelay == 0)
i18n("Guiding deviation %1 is now lower than limit value of %2 arcsecs, resuming exposure.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value()));
appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 is now lower than limit value of %2 arcsecs, "
"resuming exposure.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value()));
appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 is now lower than limit value of %2 arcsecs, resuming "
"exposure in %3 seconds.",
appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 is now lower than limit value of %2 arcsecs, "
"resuming exposure in %3 seconds.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value(), seqDelay / 1000.0));
QTimer::singleShot(seqDelay, this, SLOT(start()));
else appendLogText(i18n("Guiding deviation %1 is still higher than limit value of %2 arcsecs.",
deviationText, guideDeviation->value()));
......@@ -3439,6 +3484,7 @@ void Capture::resetJobs()
ignoreJobProgress = true;
void Capture::ignoreSequenceHistory()
......@@ -3581,7 +3627,7 @@ void Capture::constructPrefix(QString &imagePrefix)
if (ISOCheck->isChecked())
imagePrefix += "_ISO8601";
imagePrefix += SequenceJob::ISOMarker;
......@@ -3910,6 +3956,10 @@ double Capture::getCurrentHA()
/* Edge case: undefined HA at poles */
if (90.0f == currentDEC || -90.0f == currentDEC)
dms lst = KStarsData::Instance()->geo()->GSTtoLST(KStarsData::Instance()->clock()->utc().gst());
dms ha(lst.Degrees() - currentRA * 15.0);
......@@ -4747,10 +4797,9 @@ IPState Capture::processPreCaptureCalibrationStage()
bool Capture::processPostCaptureCalibrationStage()
// If there are no more images to capture, do not bother calculating next exposure
if (calibrationStage == CAL_CALIBRATION_COMPLETE && (seqCurrentCount + 1) >= seqTotalCount)
return true;
if (calibrationStage == CAL_CALIBRATION_COMPLETE)
if (activeJob && activeJob->getCount() <= activeJob->getCompleted())
return true;
// Check if we need to do flat field slope calculation if the user specified a desired ADU value
if (activeJob->getFrameType() == FRAME_FLAT && activeJob->getFlatFieldDuration() == DURATION_ADU &&
......@@ -4879,21 +4928,22 @@ void Capture::postScriptFinished(int exitCode)
appendLogText(i18n("Post capture script finished with code %1.", exitCode));
// if we're done
// FIXME getTotalFramesCount is problematic elsewhere. Check here
if (seqCurrentCount >= getTotalFramesCount(activeJob->getSignature()))
// If we're done, proceed to completion.
if (activeJob->getCount() <= activeJob->getCompleted())
// Check if meridian condition is met
if (checkMeridianFlip())
appendLogText(i18n("Resuming sequence..."));
// Then just resume sequence.
// Else check if meridian condition is met.
else if (checkMeridianFlip())
appendLogText(i18n("Processing meridian flip..."));
// Then if nothing else, just resume sequence.
appendLogText(i18n("Resuming sequence..."));
// FIXME Migrate to Filter Manager
......@@ -5322,6 +5372,10 @@ if (pos != DSLRInfos.end())
void Capture::setCapturedFramesMap(const QString &signature, int count)
capturedFramesMap[signature] = count;
qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << QString("Client module indicates that storage '%1' has already %2 captures processed.").arg(signature).arg(count);
//capturedFramesMap = map;
//for (auto key: map.keys())
// qCDebug(KSTARS_EKOS_CAPTURE) << QString("Captured frame '%1' already has %2 captures stored.").arg(key).arg(map[key]);
void Capture::setSettings(const QJsonObject &settings)
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
#include "indi/indilightbox.h"
#include "indi/inditelescope.h"
#include "ekos/auxiliary/filtermanager.h"
#include "ekos/scheduler/schedulerjob.h"
#include <QTimer>
#include <QUrl>
......@@ -742,6 +743,6 @@ class Capture : public QWidget, public Ui::Capture
QList<QMap<QString,QVariant>> DSLRInfos;
// Captured Frames Map
QMap<QString,int> capturedFramesMap;
SchedulerJob::CapturedFramesMap capturedFramesMap;
......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@
namespace Ekos
QString const & SequenceJob::ISOMarker("_ISO8601");
statusStrings = QStringList() << i18n("Idle") << i18n("In Progress") << i18n("Error") << i18n("Aborted")
......@@ -46,6 +46,8 @@ class SequenceJob : public QObject
} PrepareActions;
static QString const & ISOMarker;
~SequenceJob() = default;
......@@ -60,7 +62,7 @@ class SequenceJob : public QObject
bool isPreview() { return preview; }
int getDelay() { return delay; }
int getCount() { return count; }
unsigned int getCompleted() { return completed; }
int getCompleted() { return completed; }
const QString &getRawPrefix() { return rawPrefix; }
double getExposure() const { return exposure; }
......@@ -78,7 +80,7 @@ class SequenceJob : public QObject
void setLocalDir(const QString &dir) { localDirectory = dir; }
const QString &getLocalDir() { return localDirectory; }
QString getSignature() { return getLocalDir() + getDirectoryPostfix(); }
QString getSignature() { return QString(getLocalDir() + getDirectoryPostfix() + '/' + getFullPrefix()).remove(ISOMarker); }
void setTargetFilter(int pos, const QString &name);
int getTargetFilter() { return targetFilter; }
......@@ -123,7 +125,7 @@ class SequenceJob : public QObject
void setCount(int in_count) { count = in_count; }
void setExposure(double duration) { exposure = duration; }
void setStatusCell(QTableWidgetItem *cell) { statusCell = cell; }
void setCompleted(unsigned int in_completed) { completed = in_completed; }
void setCompleted(int in_completed) { completed = in_completed; }
int getISOIndex() const;
void setISOIndex(int value);
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ void SchedulerJob::setRepeatsRemaining(const uint16_t &value)
void SchedulerJob::setCapturedFramesMap(const QMap<QString, uint16_t> &value)
void SchedulerJob::setCapturedFramesMap(const CapturedFramesMap &value)
capturedFramesMap = value;
......@@ -306,8 +306,9 @@ class SchedulerJob
/** @brief The map of capture counts for this job, keyed by its capture storage signatures. */
/** @{ */
QMap<QString, uint16_t> getCapturedFramesMap() const { return capturedFramesMap; }
void setCapturedFramesMap(const QMap<QString, uint16_t> &value);
typedef QMap<QString, uint16_t> CapturedFramesMap;
const CapturedFramesMap& getCapturedFramesMap() const { return capturedFramesMap; }
void setCapturedFramesMap(const CapturedFramesMap &value);
/** @} */
/** @brief Refresh all cells connected to this SchedulerJob. */
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