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Added folder with Android (ARM) versions of some libraries (INDI, CFITSIO,...

Added folder with Android (ARM) versions of some libraries (INDI, CFITSIO, LibNova, LibRaw) and changed folder with kirigami
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* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
* Copyright (C) 2000 - 2005 Liam Girdwood <>
#define LIBNOVA_VERSION "0.15.0"
/*! \mainpage libnova
* \image html libnova-logo.jpg
* Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics Library
* \section intro Introduction
* libnova is a general purpose, double precision, Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics library.
* The intended audience of libnova is C / C++ programmers, astronomers and anyone else interested in calculating positions of astronomical objects or celestial mechanics.
* libnova is the calculation engine used by the <A href="">Nova</A> project and most importantly, is free software.
* \section features Features
* The current version of libnova can calculate:
* - Aberration
* - Nutation
* - Apparent Position
* - Dynamical Time
* - Julian Day
* - Precession
* - Proper Motion
* - Sidereal Time
* - Solar Coordinates (using VSOP87)
* - Coordinate Transformations
* - Planetary Positions Mercury - Pluto (Mercury - Neptune using VSOP87)
* - Planetary Magnitude, illuminated disk and phase angle.
* - Lunar Position (using ELP82), phase angle.
* - Elliptic Motion of bodies (Asteroid + Comet positional and orbit data)
* - Asteroid + Comet magnitudes
* - Parabolic Motion of bodies (Comet positional data)
* - Orbit velocities and lengths
* - Atmospheric refraction
* - Rise, Set and Transit times.
* - Semidiameters of the Sun, Moon, Planets and asteroids.
* - Angular separation of bodies
* - Hyperbolic motion of bodies
* - Heliocentric (barycentric) time correction
* \section docs Documentation
* API documentation for libnova is included in the source. It can also be found in this website and an offline tarball is available <A href="">here</A>.
* \section download Download
* The latest released version of libnova is 0.15.0
* It is available for download <A href="">here.</A>
* \section git GIT
* The latest GIT version of libnova is available via GIT <A href="">here.</A>
* \section licence Licence
* libnova is released under the <A href="">GNU</A> LGPL.
* \section help Help
* If you are interested in helping in the future development of libnova, then please get in touch.
* Currently, we are needing help in the folowing areas.
* - Documentation. (Not just API reference, but also astronomy info for novice users)
* - Programming (in C) astronomical solutions or algorithms.
* - Algorithms and Solutions.
* \section authors Authors
* libnova is maintained by <A href="">Liam Girdwood</A> and <A href="">Petr Kubanek</A>.
* \section thanks Thanks
* Thanks to Jean Meeus for most of the algorithms used in this library.
* From his book "Astronomical Algorithms".
* Thanks to Michelle Chapront-Touze and Jean Chapront for publishing
* the Lunar Solution ELP 2000-82B.
* Thanks to Messrs. Bretagnon and Francou for publishing planetary
* solution VSOP87.
* Also thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this project. <A href=""> <IMG src=";type=5" width="210" height="62" border="0" alt="SourceForge Logo"></A>
#ifndef _LN_LIBNOVA_H
#define _LN_LIBNOVA_H
#include <libnova/ln_types.h>
#include <libnova/julian_day.h>
#include <libnova/dynamical_time.h>
#include <libnova/sidereal_time.h>
#include <libnova/transform.h>
#include <libnova/nutation.h>
#include <libnova/aberration.h>
#include <libnova/apparent_position.h>
#include <libnova/solar.h>
#include <libnova/precession.h>
#include <libnova/proper_motion.h>
#include <libnova/mercury.h>
#include <libnova/venus.h>
#include <libnova/earth.h>
#include <libnova/mars.h>
#include <libnova/jupiter.h>
#include <libnova/saturn.h>
#include <libnova/uranus.h>
#include <libnova/neptune.h>
#include <libnova/pluto.h>
#include <libnova/vsop87.h>
#include <libnova/lunar.h>
#include <libnova/elliptic_motion.h>
#include <libnova/asteroid.h>
#include <libnova/comet.h>
#include <libnova/parabolic_motion.h>
#include <libnova/refraction.h>
#include <libnova/rise_set.h>
#include <libnova/angular_separation.h>
#include <libnova/ln_types.h>
#include <libnova/utility.h>
#include <libnova/hyperbolic_motion.h>
#include <libnova/parallax.h>
#include <libnova/airmass.h>
#include <libnova/heliocentric_time.h>
#include <libnova/constellation.h>
/* -*- C++ -*-
* File: libraw.h
* Copyright 2008-2016 LibRaw LLC (
* Created: Sat Mar 8, 2008
* LibRaw C++ interface
LibRaw is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the one of three licenses as you choose:
(See file LICENSE.LGPL provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
(See file LICENSE.CDDL provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
3. LibRaw Software License 27032010
(See file LICENSE.LibRaw.pdf provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
#ifdef __linux__
#define _FILE_OFFSET_BITS 64
/* maximum file size to use LibRaw_file_datastream (fully buffered) I/O */
#include <limits.h>
#include <memory.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "libraw_datastream.h"
#include "libraw_types.h"
#include "libraw_const.h"
#include "libraw_internal.h"
#include "libraw_alloc.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
DllDef const char *libraw_strerror(int errorcode);
DllDef const char *libraw_strprogress(enum LibRaw_progress);
/* LibRaw C API */
DllDef libraw_data_t *libraw_init(unsigned int flags);
DllDef int libraw_open_file(libraw_data_t*, const char *);
DllDef int libraw_open_file_ex(libraw_data_t*, const char *, INT64 max_buff_sz);
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__MINGW32__) && defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER > 1310)
DllDef int libraw_open_wfile(libraw_data_t*, const wchar_t *);
DllDef int libraw_open_wfile_ex(libraw_data_t*, const wchar_t *, INT64 max_buff_sz);
DllDef int libraw_open_buffer(libraw_data_t*, void * buffer, size_t size);
DllDef int libraw_unpack(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef int libraw_unpack_thumb(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef void libraw_recycle_datastream(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef void libraw_recycle(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef void libraw_close(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef void libraw_subtract_black(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef int libraw_raw2image(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef void libraw_free_image(libraw_data_t*);
/* version helpers */
DllDef const char* libraw_version();
DllDef int libraw_versionNumber();
/* Camera list */
DllDef const char** libraw_cameraList();
DllDef int libraw_cameraCount();
/* helpers */
DllDef void libraw_set_memerror_handler(libraw_data_t*, memory_callback cb, void *datap);
DllDef void libraw_set_exifparser_handler(libraw_data_t*, exif_parser_callback cb, void *datap);
DllDef void libraw_set_dataerror_handler(libraw_data_t*,data_callback func,void *datap);
DllDef void libraw_set_progress_handler(libraw_data_t*,progress_callback cb,void *datap);
DllDef const char * libraw_unpack_function_name(libraw_data_t* lr);
DllDef int libraw_get_decoder_info(libraw_data_t* lr,libraw_decoder_info_t* d);
DllDef int libraw_COLOR(libraw_data_t*,int row, int col);
DllDef unsigned libraw_capabilities();
/* DCRAW compatibility */
DllDef int libraw_adjust_sizes_info_only(libraw_data_t*);
DllDef int libraw_dcraw_ppm_tiff_writer(libraw_data_t* lr,const char *filename);
DllDef int libraw_dcraw_thumb_writer(libraw_data_t* lr,const char *fname);
DllDef int libraw_dcraw_process(libraw_data_t* lr);
DllDef libraw_processed_image_t* libraw_dcraw_make_mem_image(libraw_data_t* lr, int *errc);
DllDef libraw_processed_image_t* libraw_dcraw_make_mem_thumb(libraw_data_t* lr, int *errc);
DllDef void libraw_dcraw_clear_mem(libraw_processed_image_t*);
/* getters/setters used by 3DLut Creator */
DllDef void libraw_set_demosaic(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef void libraw_set_output_color(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef void libraw_set_user_mul(libraw_data_t *lr,int index, float val);
DllDef void libraw_set_output_bps(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef void libraw_set_gamma(libraw_data_t *lr,int index, float value);
DllDef void libraw_set_no_auto_bright(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef void libraw_set_bright(libraw_data_t *lr,float value);
DllDef void libraw_set_highlight(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef void libraw_set_fbdd_noiserd(libraw_data_t *lr,int value);
DllDef int libraw_get_raw_height(libraw_data_t *lr);
DllDef int libraw_get_raw_width(libraw_data_t *lr);
DllDef int libraw_get_iheight(libraw_data_t *lr);
DllDef int libraw_get_iwidth(libraw_data_t *lr);
DllDef float libraw_get_cam_mul(libraw_data_t *lr,int index);
DllDef float libraw_get_pre_mul(libraw_data_t *lr,int index);
DllDef float libraw_get_rgb_cam(libraw_data_t *lr,int index1, int index2);
DllDef int libraw_get_color_maximum(libraw_data_t *lr);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#ifdef __cplusplus
class DllDef LibRaw
libraw_data_t imgdata;
int verbose;
LibRaw(unsigned int flags = LIBRAW_OPTIONS_NONE);
libraw_output_params_t* output_params_ptr() { return &imgdata.params;}
int open_file(const char *fname, INT64 max_buffered_sz=LIBRAW_USE_STREAMS_DATASTREAM_MAXSIZE);
#if defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__MINGW32__) && defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER > 1310)
int open_file(const wchar_t *fname, INT64 max_buffered_sz=LIBRAW_USE_STREAMS_DATASTREAM_MAXSIZE);
int open_buffer(void *buffer, size_t size);
virtual int open_datastream(LibRaw_abstract_datastream *);
int error_count(){return libraw_internal_data.unpacker_data.data_error;}
void recycle_datastream();
int unpack(void);
int unpack_thumb(void);
int adjust_sizes_info_only(void);
LibRaw_colormatrix_type camera_color_type();
int subtract_black();
int subtract_black_internal();
int raw2image();
int raw2image_ex(int do_subtract_black);
void raw2image_start();
void free_image();
int adjust_maximum();
void set_exifparser_handler( exif_parser_callback cb,void *data) {callbacks.exifparser_data = data; callbacks.exif_cb = cb; }
void set_memerror_handler( memory_callback cb,void *data) {callbacks.memcb_data = data; callbacks.mem_cb = cb; }
void set_dataerror_handler(data_callback func, void *data) { callbacks.datacb_data = data; callbacks.data_cb = func;}
void set_progress_handler(progress_callback pcb, void *data) { callbacks.progresscb_data = data; callbacks.progress_cb = pcb;}
void convertFloatToInt(float dmin=4096.f, float dmax=32767.f, float dtarget = 16383.f);
/* helpers */
static unsigned capabilities();
static const char* version();
static int versionNumber();
static const char** cameraList();
static int cameraCount();
static const char* strprogress(enum LibRaw_progress);
static const char* strerror(int p);
/* dcraw emulation */
int dcraw_ppm_tiff_writer(const char *filename);
int dcraw_thumb_writer(const char *fname);
int dcraw_process(void);
/* information calls */
int is_fuji_rotated(){return libraw_internal_data.internal_output_params.fuji_width;}
int is_sraw();
int sraw_midpoint();
int is_nikon_sraw();
int is_coolscan_nef();
int is_floating_point();
int have_fpdata();
/* memory writers */
virtual libraw_processed_image_t* dcraw_make_mem_image(int *errcode=NULL);
virtual libraw_processed_image_t* dcraw_make_mem_thumb(int *errcode=NULL);
static void dcraw_clear_mem(libraw_processed_image_t*);
/* Additional calls for make_mem_image */
void get_mem_image_format(int* width, int* height, int* colors, int* bps) const;
int copy_mem_image(void* scan0, int stride, int bgr);
/* free all internal data structures */
void recycle();
virtual ~LibRaw(void);
int COLOR(int row, int col) { return libraw_internal_data.internal_output_params.fuji_width? FCF(row,col):FC(row,col);}
int FC(int row,int col) { return (imgdata.idata.filters >> (((row << 1 & 14) | (col & 1)) << 1) & 3);}
int fcol (int row, int col);
const char *unpack_function_name();
virtual int get_decoder_info(libraw_decoder_info_t* d_info);
libraw_internal_data_t * get_internal_data_pointer(){ return &libraw_internal_data; }
/* Debanding filter */
int wf_remove_banding();
/* Phase one correction/subtractBL calls */
/* Returns libraw error code */
int phase_one_subtract_black(ushort *src, ushort *dest);
int phase_one_correct();
int set_rawspeed_camerafile(char *filename);
virtual void setCancelFlag();
virtual void clearCancelFlag();
virtual void adobe_coeff (const char *, const char *, int internal_only=0);
void set_dng_host(void *);
int is_curve_linear();
void checkCancel();
void cam_xyz_coeff(float _rgb_cam[3][4], double cam_xyz[4][3]);
void phase_one_allocate_tempbuffer();
void phase_one_free_tempbuffer();
virtual int is_phaseone_compressed();
virtual int is_canon_600();
/* Hotspots */
virtual void copy_fuji_uncropped(unsigned short cblack[4], unsigned short *dmaxp);
virtual void copy_bayer(unsigned short cblack[4], unsigned short *dmaxp);
virtual void fuji_rotate();
virtual void convert_to_rgb_loop(float out_cam[3][4]);
virtual void lin_interpolate_loop(int code[16][16][32],int size);
virtual void scale_colors_loop(float scale_mul[4]);
int FCF(int row,int col) {
int rr,cc;
if (libraw_internal_data.unpacker_data.fuji_layout) {
rr = libraw_internal_data.internal_output_params.fuji_width - 1 - col + (row >> 1);
cc = col + ((row+1) >> 1);
} else {
rr = libraw_internal_data.internal_output_params.fuji_width - 1 + row - (col >> 1);
cc = row + ((col+1) >> 1);
return FC(rr,cc);
void adjust_bl();
void* malloc(size_t t);
void* calloc(size_t n,size_t t);
void* realloc(void *p, size_t s);
void free(void *p);
void merror (void *ptr, const char *where);
void derror();
LibRaw_TLS *tls;
libraw_internal_data_t libraw_internal_data;
decode first_decode[2048], *second_decode, *free_decode;
tiff_ifd_t tiff_ifd[10];
libraw_memmgr memmgr;
libraw_callbacks_t callbacks;
LibRaw_constants rgb_constants;
void (LibRaw:: *write_thumb)();
void (LibRaw:: *write_fun)();
void (LibRaw:: *load_raw)();
void (LibRaw:: *thumb_load_raw)();
void (LibRaw:: *pentax_component_load_raw)();
void kodak_thumb_loader();
void write_thumb_ppm_tiff(FILE *);
void x3f_thumb_loader();
void foveon_thumb_loader (void);
int own_filtering_supported(){ return 0;}
void identify();
void write_ppm_tiff ();
void convert_to_rgb();
void remove_zeroes();
void crop_masked_pixels();
#ifndef NO_LCMS
void apply_profile(const char*,const char*);
void pre_interpolate();
void border_interpolate (int border);
void lin_interpolate();
void vng_interpolate();
void ppg_interpolate();
void cielab(ushort rgb[3], short lab[3]);
void xtrans_interpolate(int);
void ahd_interpolate();
void dht_interpolate();
void aahd_interpolate();
/* from demosaic pack */
void ahd_interpolate_mod();
void afd_interpolate_pl(int afd_passes, int clip_on);
void afd_noise_filter_pl();
void lmmse_interpolate(int gamma_apply);
void dcb(int iterations, int dcb_enhance);
void fbdd(int noiserd);
void vcd_interpolate(int ahd_cutoff);
void amaze_demosaic_RT();
void exp_bef(float expos, float preser);
void CA_correct_RT(float cared, float cablue);
void cfa_linedn(float linenoise);
void cfa_impulse_gauss(float lclean, float cclean);
void green_equilibrate(float thresh);
/* demosaic pack end */
void bad_pixels(const char*);
void subtract(const char*);
void hat_transform (float *temp, float *base, int st, int size, int sc);
void wavelet_denoise();
void scale_colors();
void median_filter ();
void blend_highlights();
void recover_highlights();
void green_matching();
void stretch();
void foveon_thumb ();
void jpeg_thumb_writer (FILE *tfp,char *thumb,int thumb_length);
void jpeg_thumb ();
void ppm_thumb ();
void ppm16_thumb();
void layer_thumb ();
void rollei_thumb ();
void kodak_thumb_load_raw();
void foveon_decoder (unsigned size, unsigned code);
unsigned get4();
int flip_index (int row, int col);
void gamma_curve (double pwr, double ts, int mode, int imax);
void cubic_spline (const int *x_, const int *y_, const int len);
/* RawSpeed data */
void *_rawspeed_camerameta;
void *_rawspeed_decoder;
void fix_after_rawspeed(int bl);
int try_rawspeed(); /* returns LIBRAW_SUCCESS on success */
/* Fast cancel flag */
long _exitflag;
/* DNG SDK data */
void *dnghost;
int valid_for_dngsdk();
int try_dngsdk();
/* X3F data */
void *_x3f_data;
int raw_was_read()
return imgdata.rawdata.raw_image || imgdata.rawdata.color4_image || imgdata.rawdata.color3_image
|| imgdata.rawdata.float_image || imgdata.rawdata.float3_image || imgdata.rawdata.float4_image;
#include "internal/libraw_internal_funcs.h"
#define RUN_CALLBACK(stage,iter,expect) if(callbacks.progress_cb) { \
int rr = (*callbacks.progress_cb)(callbacks.progresscb_data,stage,iter,expect); \
#endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* _LIBRAW_CLASS_H */
/* -*- C++ -*-
* File: libraw_alloc.h
* Copyright 2008-2016 LibRaw LLC (
* Created: Sat Mar 22, 2008
* LibRaw C++ interface
LibRaw is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the one of three licenses as you choose:
(See file LICENSE.LGPL provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
(See file LICENSE.CDDL provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
3. LibRaw Software License 27032010
(See file LICENSE.LibRaw.pdf provided in LibRaw distribution archive for details).
#ifndef __LIBRAW_ALLOC_H
#define __LIBRAW_ALLOC_H
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
#define LIBRAW_MSIZE 64
class DllDef libraw_memmgr
void *malloc(size_t sz)
void *ptr = ::malloc(sz);
return ptr;
void *calloc(size_t n, size_t sz)
void *ptr = ::calloc(n,sz);
return ptr;
void *realloc(void *ptr,size_t newsz)
void *ret = ::realloc(ptr,newsz);
return ret;
void free(void *ptr)
void cleanup(void)
for(int i = 0; i< LIBRAW_MSIZE; i++)
mems[i] = NULL;
void *mems[LIBRAW_MSIZE];
int calloc_cnt;
void mem_ptr(void *ptr)
for(int i=0;i < LIBRAW_MSIZE; i++)
mems[i] = ptr;
void forget_ptr(void *ptr)
for(int i=0;i < LIBRAW_MSIZE; i++)