Commit e821548d authored by Jason Harris's avatar Jason Harris
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Removing Quit and Handbook buttons from the Toolbar. Quit

should definitely not be there.  Handbook I am less sure
about, but I have heard that handbook buttons don't belong
in the toolbar...


svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=285223
parent 2dfad7ec
......@@ -103,8 +103,6 @@
<ToolBar noMerge="1" name="mainToolBar"><text>Main Toolbar</text>
<Action name="quit" />
<Separator />
<Action name="zoom_in" />
<Action name="zoom_out" />
<Action name="zoom_default" />
......@@ -115,8 +113,6 @@
<Action name="configure" />
<Action name="time_dialog" />
<Separator />
<Action name="handbook" />
<Separator />
<Action name="timer_control" />
<Separator />
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