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2.9.8 Changelog

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......@@ -4,6 +4,73 @@ To produce log below, use:
$ git log --date=short --pretty=format:"%h %ad %<(20)%an %<(150,trunc)%s"
2.9.8 (Pelican):
eb4aa89dc 2018-08-13 Jasem Mutlaq Fix upper limits for some guide settings
b7e3810b1 2018-08-13 Eric Dejouhanet Fixes for the Scheduler and Capture modules
27ae34f2b 2018-08-12 Jasem Mutlaq Bit of code refactoring. Keep track of axis distance when reversing guide calibration direction. If we are still not moving toward the starting poin..
e8cb5f3a9 2018-08-12 Jasem Mutlaq Revert "Remove prefix from test to be the same for all"
c2fef9880 2018-08-12 Jasem Mutlaq Remove prefix from test to be the same for all
6dfb66d01 2018-08-11 Jasem Mutlaq Fix J2000 in sendCoords
054fb21cd 2018-08-11 Jasem Mutlaq Handle EQUATORIAL_COORD when the property is updated
2587c4f6f 2018-08-11 Jasem Mutlaq Draw J2000 coords
d1cb70fbe 2018-08-11 Jasem Mutlaq ALso accept EQUATORIAL_COORD for telescope coordinates
b455bd581 2018-08-10 Yuri Chornoivan Fix minor EBN issues
9816f3521 2018-08-10 Jasem Mutlaq In guiding deviation handler, search for aborted jobs and resume one since activeJob is always nullptr when abort is now called
cb856ddf5 2018-08-09 Yuri Chornoivan Fix minor typo
9cd9341e0 2018-08-09 Jasem Mutlaq Reset RMS value when reacquiring a star
0d65fa060 2018-08-08 Jasem Mutlaq Add complex job test
23ec2283e 2018-08-08 Jasem Mutlaq Fix message using the wrong variable
ac502664b 2018-08-08 Jasem Mutlaq Add helpful tooltip for guide settle
e1a3f1369 2018-08-07 Eric Dejouhanet Add RA/DEC fields to the list of controls which trigger a save.
da7c8a6bc 2018-08-07 Csaba Kertesz Fix the custom sky object removal
9c7bebf84 2018-08-07 Jasem Mutlaq Fix typo
7f915094e 2018-08-07 Jasem Mutlaq Check if telescope is connected before accepting sync
6da8bb68e 2018-08-07 Jasem Mutlaq Add Copy Coordinates action to the popup menu
1d45a9c07 2018-08-07 Eric Dejouhanet Edit scheduler jobs with double-click and update icon to match Capture module.
610a79ed9 2018-08-06 Jasem Mutlaq Fix typo
068ef057a 2018-08-05 Csaba Kertesz Fix for touch support to avoid closing popups in the skymap
a5e515663 2018-08-05 Jasem Mutlaq IDLE --> ABORTED so that scheduler acknowleged that. Disabling GuideStep --> Guiding transition since we have a case now where the transition is inc..
617703f09 2018-08-05 Jasem Mutlaq Update INSTALL file to reflect current state of affairs
07a0d3eb3 2018-08-05 Jasem Mutlaq Looksl like we will release 2.9.8 hotfix first before moving to 3.0.0
5b7990ead 2018-08-05 Csaba Kertesz Increase the font size in KStars Lite
1fa13a932 2018-08-05 Jasem Mutlaq Using Delta Max RMS as the threshold value to abort instead of just pulse length since it is a more reliable measure of guiding performance and also..
bb27336ca 2018-08-05 Jasem Mutlaq Always process images in Guide, Focus, and Align as Mono images
45777dfd4 2018-08-04 Andy Galasso The PHD2 external guider was not honoring the Lost Star timeout setting, it was using a hard-coded value of 5 seconds which is much too aggressive.
a6b9780d2 2018-08-04 Yuri Chornoivan Fix some EBN issues
0abaa846a 2018-08-04 Wolfgang Reissenberger Summary: Logging output in Capture corrected, considering only the counts of a single sequence job
46523bed3 2018-08-04 Eric Dejouhanet Rework scheduler startup to merge execution paths.
3e5f9f055 2018-08-04 Eric Dejouhanet Update frame map unconditionally when starting scheduler.
c774401a8 2018-08-04 Eric Dejouhanet Mark scheduler job dirty when succesfully changing its target.
bf4ac1e6a 2018-07-21 Csaba Kertesz Use localization for KStars Lite
5cec05783 2018-07-17 Csaba Kertesz Further fixes for the Android build
f83aed485 2018-08-03 Eric Dejouhanet Adjust job editing algorithm
723c1bcf9 2018-08-03 Jasem Mutlaq Fix focus timer in capture module. Add more comments to explain some of the complex counting
3bfa544de 2018-08-02 Jasem Mutlaq After meridian flip, clear calibration is required and then guide
c4dd86424 2018-08-02 Aleix Pol Add the file to integrate with phabricator
3ba2c1a27 2018-08-01 Jasem Mutlaq Add GUIDE_IDLE to accepted previous state before restarting capture
f3982dbf5 2018-08-01 Jasem Mutlaq When PHD2 reports idle after calibration error, keep the error so that it is picked up by other processes until DBus signals are implemented
424f4b03d 2018-08-01 Jasem Mutlaq Fix slots connections. Remove prior hack used to identify aborted guide state
499669f86 2018-08-01 Jasem Mutlaq Limit reading for drivers XML files to those starting with indi_*
25630e41c 2018-07-31 Pino Toscano cmake: fix enabling of exceptions
7676c91eb 2018-07-31 Jasem Mutlaq Add warning if the guide camera is the same as the capture capture
8e1034e54 2018-07-31 Jasem Mutlaq Adapt INDI control panel to high DPI screens
0132cd73c 2018-07-31 Jasem Mutlaq Simplify scheduler calls to Guide module by remote the startAutoCalibrate and calling individual commands to have more control
ac36a20c1 2018-07-30 Jasem Mutlaq Reset align and guide fail counts when finding next job. Add GUIDE_IDLE as a fail condition since PHD2 resets to IDLE after it fails calibration
d42df697c 2018-07-30 Jasem Mutlaq When user edit FOV and reset it to 0x0, remove the effective FOV if one is saved so that the alignment process re-measures it again
895cf1480 2018-07-30 Jasem Mutlaq Remove cross cursor it was added before by mistake somehow
26cd35278 2018-07-30 Jasem Mutlaq Add StartupWMClass for better compatibility in other desktop environments
6654b2fd2 2018-07-29 Jasem Mutlaq Show tip of the day dialog after applying themes.
9be2169dc 2018-07-29 Andy Galasso PHD2: honor the "Receive external guide frames" setting. Also, only log event messages from PHD2 when verbose logging is enabled PHD2: only request ..
0e259fb08 2018-07-28 Pino Toscano i18n fixes
cde98d293 2018-07-26 Jasem Mutlaq Fix crash due to NaN asteroid magnitude. Also enforce show limit as per the options.
fc5b8e237 2018-07-26 Eric Dejouhanet Fix FINISH_AT management in Scheduler.
40578b139 2018-07-25 Jasem Mutlaq FIx another center issue with older Qt
e5656839e 2018-07-25 Jasem Mutlaq requires Qt 5.8 so we are going for the simpler version to make this compile on 16.04
fadd47d9b 2018-07-25 Wolfgang Reissenberger Handling multiple occurrence of the same sequence job corrected
4f100e322 2018-07-25 Robert Lancaster Improving the Astrometry Index File configuration tab to include a button to open files and a link to the Readme
0176721b0 2018-07-25 Jasem Mutlaq Add green cloud to indicate EkosLive is online
2.9.7 (Luna):
fadd47d 2018-07-25 Wolfgang Reissenberger Handling multiple occurrence of the same sequence job corrected
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