Commit f42e950c authored by Jasem Mutlaq's avatar Jasem Mutlaq

Sync remote astrometry driver CCD name to currently selected CCD

parent 78f89559
......@@ -2352,10 +2352,18 @@ bool Align::captureAndSolve()
// In case of remote solver, we set mode to UPLOAD_BOTH
if (solverTypeGroup->checkedId() == SOLVER_REMOTE && remoteParser)
//rememberUploadMode = currentCCD->getUploadMode();
// For solver remote we need to start solver BEFORE capture
// Update ACTIVE_CCD of the remote astrometry driver so it listens to BLOB emitted by the CCD
ITextVectorProperty * activeDevices = remoteParserDevice->getBaseDevice()->getText("ACTIVE_DEVICES");
if (activeDevices)
IText * activeCCD = IUFindText(activeDevices, "ACTIVE_CCD");
if (QString(activeCCD->text) != CCDCaptureCombo->currentText())
IUSaveText(activeCCD, CCDCaptureCombo->currentText().toLatin1().data());
// Enable remote parse
dynamic_cast<RemoteAstrometryParser *>(remoteParser)->setEnabled(true);
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