Commit fa60ed2c authored by Akarsh Simha's avatar Akarsh Simha
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Add some strings before string freeze happens. These are strings that

are currently not used in KStars, but will be used before we tag RC.

This is a rather critical thing to do before release, but there is
insufficient free time to handle at the moment, so this is a rather
makeshift solution to introduce those strings that we will use.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=1195835
parent 1cb5a86d
// Introduce some strings into the po file that are not yet used in
// trunk, but will be when OpenGL bugs are fixed is complete
// This is really critical for release, but nobody has time at the
// moment to fix the smooth switching between OpenGL and QPainter
// backends at run time, but will almost certainly have time before
// RC1 is tagged.
// This is a makeshift solution and this file is not (thankfully)
// compiled.
i18n("This version of KStars comes with new experimental OpenGL support. Our experience is that OpenGL works much faster on machines with hardware acceleration. Would you like to switch to OpenGL painting backends?");
i18n("Switch to OpenGL backend");
i18n("Switch to QPainter backend");
i18n("Infoboxes will be disabled as they do not work correctly when using OpenGL backends as of this version");
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