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      Namespace for resolving object names using online services · 2910732b
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Preliminary versions of a namespace that fetches DSO data from CDS
      Sesame (script-friendly front-end to SIMBAD/NED/VizieR) and turns it
      into a CatalogEntryData structure.
      CCMAIL: mutlaqja@ikarustech.com
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      Cosmetic. Also update my email address. · 72e13ef3
      Akarsh Simha authored
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      Let SkyObject::TYPE_UNKNOWN be 255 to give space for expansion · d9e13593
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Adding more object types however, potentially causes data
      misrepresentation (is not backwards compatible) and must be done only
      when really needed.
      CCMAIL: mutlaqja@ikarustech.com
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    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Fix some focus bugs by updating focus coordinates appropriately · 9ff96f57
      Akarsh Simha authored
      It has been noted earlier that KStars does not center the map
      correctly on first shot in many cases. The offset from the actual
      object and the map center was consistent with the possibility that it
      could be a result of not handling precession correctly.
      This patch is likely to fix this bug although it needs more
      testing. In any case, one must call SkyPoint::updateCoords()
      appropriately before, so this patch probably does no harm. In a
      cursory test, KStars centered correctly on the location of the object
      without any offset.
      Note: this seems to produce some warnings, so one should double check
      that the updateCoords from subclasses of SkyPoint are being called
      when needed.
      CCMAIL: mutlaqja@ikarustech.com