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      For quite some time, I have known there was an issue with the SimClock in KStars. · e893a64a
      Robert Lancaster authored
      Whenever you try to run it in hours or anything longer than that, the interface becomes much more unresponsive.  I figured it was an issue with an animation thread not sleeping long enough for the interface to have a chance to do other things.  I investigated that today and found that I was close.  There is a QTimer with a time interval that is used for the time simulation normally, but if you go beyond a certain speed, it just set the clock and didn't use a timer.  It seems to be called "manual tick."  Well the problem is that it needs to wait a moment before doing that so the interface can respond to any other commands.  I found the solution was very simple, a one shot timer, even one as short as 1 millisecond seems to solve the problem.
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      This patch should address the path issue for your new port finding algorithm. ... · 14d49a6b
      Robert Lancaster authored
      This patch should address the path issue for your new port finding algorithm.  I also reversed the order of the items in the path so it looks for programs in the app first.  Then I noticed that an algorithm I had used to get the path for the directory the indiserver is located in was out of date in several places.  I had come up with a better algorithm about a month ago.  So I updated that too.
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      Rework how configuration settings are applied. All this time _any_... · 52a28143
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      Rework how configuration settings are applied. All this time _any_ configuration settings that changes resulted in a complete reload of many catalogs and database entries unnecessairly. It is now more granular and each page applies its own changes as necessary.
      This needs extensive testing as I am not sure what other assumption were made when this configuration model was conceived. It now _appears_ to be applying changes only when necessary but I could have missed a few things here and there. Please test.
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      Fixes icons on systems that cannot load icons from system · 5b821a29
      Robert Lancaster authored
       themes using the fromTheme method like OS X, Windows, and some Linux Distros.
        If there is no system theme, it tries to set the theme to one of the bundled
       themes if possible, but also adds the fallback method for loading icons
       without a theme to each icon if that doesn't work.   Added an icons directory
       to keep the theme icons and toolbar icons separate from the other data.
       Included two bundled custom themes, based on breeze and oxygen.  Also fixed
       the call to the "geographic" icon and the "edit indi profile" icon since they
       may have been referencing the wrong icons.
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      Introducing a new way of adding deep-sky objects into KStars · 0a7cb3af
      Akarsh Simha authored
      1. Create a new SyncedCatalogComponent catalog called
         "_Manual_Additions". This holds manually added DSOs that were not
         resolved from the internet. The concept is however the same -- it
         is a fake catalog for such custom added objects.
      2. Build a UI for the purpose of manually introducing objects into
         this catalog.
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
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    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Experimental testing: using Name Resolver in Find Dialog · d36b326d
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Improvements needed (which is why this is not the end of it):
      1. Enable the resolver machinery using a flag in the FindDialog
      2. Find Dialog should show a phantom entry (eg: "Search the internet")
         to present users that option.
      3. We must commit the newly created DeepSkyObject gracefully into some
         SkyComponent so that it appears in objectNearest() searches and
         other such places.
      4. Allow commiting the newly created object into the SQLite Database.
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