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      Since several people have had problems with the default directories for... · 090bc410
      Robert Lancaster authored
      Since several people have had problems with the default directories for indiserver, astrometry, xplanet, etc on OS X when they build KStars themselves, I thought I would write some code to fix the problem.
      Note that the problem has only been experienced by people who build kstars themselves and either don’t have all the internal content in their app or they delete their kstarsrc file without deleting their data directory.
      In both of these situations they end up with a problem because the defaults in options are for Linux and are not correct on OS X.  If the user doesn’t run the code that copies the data directory or the user doesn’t toggle the internal checkboxes in the options,
      then the Linux defaults are written to the kstarsrc file instead of the defaults for OS X.
      So I worked this evening to try to come up with a way that the default paths that do not rely on the internal structure of the app, but instead use the default locations of the external packages on OS X could be written to the user’s kstarsrc file by default.
      Note that this change will not affect the majority of users who will probably be installing kstars from the dmg and won’t have a data directory yet, so they will still get everything set to internal which will work just fine for them.
      This change should mainly just affect people building kstars themselves from source.  Of course, for those people, they will still need to install all of these items to their proper locations.
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      Fix minor typo · dc33a3a2
      Yuri Chornoivan authored
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      This patch will fix numerous minor OS X issues and will also add some new... · 4b63e3ca
      Robert Lancaster authored
      This patch will fix numerous minor OS X issues and will also add some new functionality to OS X with the Astrometry Conf File Editor and to all operating systems with the addition of the Astrometry Index File Configuration Pane.
      1.  Adds the Astrometry Index File Configuration Pane.  For now, it just displays what indexes are installed and makes recommendations based on your CCD.  It also gives you a link to the folder so that you can see where to add the index files you need.  In the future I would like to make this an interface for downloading index files you need and possibly temporarily disabling ones that are installed but that you don’t need right now.
      2.  Adds the Astrometry.cfg editor for OS X only.  For now, all it does is to load the file into a plain text editor, then allows you to make changes and save them.  Later it might be good to change this to make it more user friendly.  But this does add a decent amount of additional capability already.
      3.  Fixes the INDI drivers default directory on OS X. (When not using the Internal Indiserver)
      4.  Fixes the constellation art problem.
      5.  Changes the server for the GSC zip file download since the other one was not as reliable and slower.
      6.  Fixes a bug that could cause problems if you exited the KStars setup wizard without setting the geolocation.
      7.  Makes the Astrometry options a QT Tool window on OS X.
      Jasem: I made a few modifications to this patch in the GUI and also in implementation. No more update button, it will update on show event. I added an introductory paragraph with icons for each index state instead of having tooltip explanation.
      I fixed one issue with math since it was not marking some index files that were required. Change FOV display to match what align module is showing. Prevented new pages from apeparing in Windows since they cannot use offline solver.
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      GIT_SILENT made messages (after extraction) · 72c2073f
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