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      + Fading the floating toolbar so its not as obtrusive. Note that the effect can be modified. · 23f581b9
      Robert Lancaster authored
      + Made a button to make the FITSViewer optional for taking images with the capture module.  This would make sense if you are taking lots of photos and are using the summary page to monitor and would prefer to avoid window clutter.
      + Put a preview fits view in the ekos manager that loads when you take a FITS_NORMAL image.  This is great for monitoring the image in the summary page since you can zoom way in or out to see that different aspects of your image are being recorded well .  The image can also get loaded in the fits viewer simultaneously.  This can have the added benefit of monitoring one area of the image in the fits viewer and another in the summary page.
      + Figured out why the graph in the focus module got scrunched that one time when I was talking with you on google hangouts and I couldn’t figure out what had happened.  It was because I had just been using the full screen focus window and had put it back away. When it was added to the right panel, it took on its minimum size.  So I came up with a way that the user can resize the fits view and the graph on the right hand side of the focus module.
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