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      Add DBus interface method to set time to the current time. · 516f1ccb
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Adding DBus interface method org.kde.kstars.setTimeToNow which sets
      the time to the current time. This allows for syncing of the
      simulation clock with the system clock.
      Example use-case:
      Running the simulation clock continuously takes a lot of CPU, whereas
      for many practical purposes, it might suffice to sync the clock every
      minute or so automatically. In these cases, one could simply run a
      script on a terminal to achieve this:
      while true; do
         qdbus org.kde.kstars /KStars org.kde.kstars.setTimeToNow
         sleep 60;
      This will ensure that alt-az coordinates are reasonably up-to-date,
      eyepiece view is reasonably up-to-date etc. without taking up a lot of
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
  5. 11 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      Register FITS MimeType for KStars. This enables KStars to open multiple FITS... · 587e5240
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      Register FITS MimeType for KStars. This enables KStars to open multiple FITS files. However, KStars creates a new instance and does not re-use the instance thus far, so every time the user selects KStars to open a FITS file, a new KStars instance is started
      We could use DBus to find existing instances since the openFITS function is available via DBus so this needs more work to be more friendly.
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      Remove the notion of temp images in Obs. Planner. All images are saved. · c508d6ea
      Akarsh Simha authored
      The concept of temporary images that are deleted upon exit seems both
      counter-intuitive and superfluous. This commit gets rid of the concept
      of temp images. Images that are downloaded in the observing list are
      now saved on disk, and may be deleted either individually by clicking
      the "Delete" button, or collectively by clicking the "Delete all
      Images" button.
      This change is NOT backwards-compatible. Any DSS images that were
      saved as Temp_Image_<Obj. Name> are no longer visible / available in
      KStars. In fact, they must be manually deleted from the disk by
      opening the appropriate directory.
      This backwards-incompatibility is partly intentional, since we
      introduced the idea of DSS metadata. In any case, it would be wise to
      re-download the DSS images with proper metadata so that features like
      eyepiece view, and in future, DSS overlay work correctly without
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
      GUI: GUI elements / config. options have been removed.
  6. 06 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Disentangle dependencies to ensure faster compilation · 03a4ae98
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Almost all of KStars would recompile everytime a change was made to
      ObservingList, because of the inclusion of observinglist.h in
      kstars.h! Removing that revealed a long chain of unmet includes and
      missing forward declarations, which are fixed. Also required moving a
      bunch of methods that shouldn't have been expanded inline into the
      .cpp file.
  7. 05 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Created new classes to handle DSS images and downloading of DSS images · b3d24661
      Akarsh Simha authored
      1. Moved KSUtils::getDSSURL() to KSDssDownloader::getDSSURL() with
         expanded, but backward-compatible options.
      2. Created a new class KSDssImage to load and hold a DSS Image as a
         QImage along with a metadata structure. The metadata struct is
         designed to supplement information about the DSS image (eg: size in
         arcminutes, center RA/Dec, photometric band, generation of DSS
      3. Created a new class KSDssDownloader which completely takes care of
         downloading DSS images given a SkyPoint and a destination file. It:
         - Formats the URL
         - Sets up a download job
         - Tries alternate versions if the download failed
         - Writes the file along with metadata as a compressed PNG image
      4. Employed this new machinery in ObservingList
      5. Regression: partial removal of (anyway broken) SDSS support
      + DSS images are heavily used by visual astronomers to compare what
        they see in the eyepiece with imagery. These are far superior to
        "photoshopped" / HDR-ed astrophotographs since the brightness is
        roughly a real measure of brightness.
      + Visual astronomers prefer blue images to red images since they
        closer approximate what may be seen with the eye. However,
        sometimes, blue images are not available, so it is inevitable to
        fall back to red. In these times, it is important to know what plate
        is being looked at (blue or red)
      + We intend to eventually be able to overlay DSS images on the sky
        map. A system for caching and rendering compressed (PNG as opposed
        to FITS) DSS images may be important, and this requires proper
      + KSDssImage ensures that image and metadata are kept together. The
        width and height are important meta data for any DSS image. While
        these could be figured using a pixels/arcminute ratio, this ratio is
        not the same across various generations of the DSS.
      + KSDssDownloader goes through a sequence of attempts at downloading
        DSS images in an order that is set by us, rather then set by the
        MAST website (which would be the case if we did not specify which
        version we want). The MAST website prefers POSS II Red > POSS II
        Blue > POSS I Red etc. whereas we would want to prefer POSS II Blue
        > POSS II Red > ...; More powerfully, this sequence may be a
        configurable option later.
        The other advantage of doing this sequence, instead of letting the
        DSS search find a version for us, is that of knowing what we've
        got. The gif from MAST website has no metadata in it (although GIF
        does support metadata). This means we don't know which version of
        the survey we got.
      + Test cases: Palomar 6 is an interesting test case because POSS II
        blue plate is unavailable. The script figures out that the blue
        plate failed, and fetches the red plate instead. The advantage of
        KSDssDownloader is that we now know that we are holding a red plate
        -- it's in the PNG metadata.
      + Need to expand to SDSS. Then, allow for proper detection of whether
        the coordinates fell in SDSS footprint or not. Then, use the same
        falling-through to fall-back to DSS after SDSS.
      + Ability to compose a closest approximation to visual view from R/B
      + DSSimage SkyComponent that holds multiple DSS Images along with
        their respective coordinates.
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
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      Removing Pluto as special case minor planet since it is covered by asteroid... · 3df75645
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      Removing Pluto as special case minor planet since it is covered by asteroid component. The reason size was not calculated is that its diameter is not available in the JPL data
      KStars uses to construct asteroid objects. I hard-coded the diameter now and emailed JPG to fix the issue. Removed most instances where there is a specific selection for pluto since
      it should not be treated as such now. Would like to know your input and testing on this as some users might want Pluto to stay as a primary object still. If there is no major objections
      then we can go ahead and clean the code for all these direct reference to Pluto include kspluto.h,cpp files. The only exception is in a few places where we need to identify Pluto among
      others as a "Minor Planet"
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      Moving ObservingList from KStars to KStarsData where it belongs. This will be... · 731ac815
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      Moving ObservingList from KStars to KStarsData where it belongs. This will be the first of many structure that should be moved out of KStars and into KStarsData.
      There were quite a few classes that are still being passed a pointer to KStars despite it being a singleton. This is probably due to old code that was not migrated.
      I am going to migrate that slowly.
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    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      i18n fixes · edeed746
      Pino Toscano authored
      - fix string puzzles
      - properly use i18np for plural forms
      - extract untranslatable user-visible strings
      - do not extract placeholder message which will be replaced by plural
      - do not extract "localhost" or paths
      - do not pass i18n strings as configuration keys for the "do not show
        again" feature of dialogs
      CCMAIL: kde-i18n-doc@kde.org
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      Three improvements to the D-Bus method getObjectDataXML · bc7f05f1
      Akarsh Simha authored
      1. Return a Constellation field which indicates which constellation
         the object is currently in.
      2. Move the names into text elements for uniformity and easier parsing
      3. Fix the value of "Minor_Axis" when the object is circular.
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      Partial fix for printing through File -> Print. · 3fa98012
      Akarsh Simha authored
      At least the constellations lines and stars line up correctly and the
      stars aren't microscopic, but there's still a lot of trouble.
    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Make DBus interface method exportImage() non-interruptive · e9e28c15
      Akarsh Simha authored
      + exportImage() now uses ImageExporter to export images without
        invoking the ExportImageDialog
      + Settings are preserved between the graphical UI and the D-Bus
        interface, so you can set up the legend settings graphically first,
        and then run a script to iterate over many objects.
      + exportImage() now accepts an optional flag that decides whether the
        legend must be added or not, irrespective of the settings last used
        in the graphical UI, for extra convenience.
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    • Jasem Mutlaq's avatar
      Major INDI patch · b1885511
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      This is a major INDI patch. The core INDI code was rewritten to
      enable more flexibility and scalability in KStars INDI engine.
      Changes to the INDI core and FITS Viewer are required for the complex
      tasks performed by KStars Ekos tool. KStars can help in focusing
      CCD images by measuring Half Flux Radius of stars within an image
      and commanding the focuser device until an optimum focus is reached.
      Using the device manager, it is now possible to group several
      devices under one INDI server. Furthermore, KStars now supports
      dynamic renaming of devices at run time.
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