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    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Call updateCoords on SkyPoint before rendering the eyepiece view · 81137498
      Akarsh Simha authored
      This is necessary ever since we changed the Observation Planner to use
      clone SkyObjects instead of the versions in the map.
      TODO: It might be better to make showEyepieceField take a const
            SkyPoint and clone it.
      TODO: It would be good to show the time, date and geolocation of the
            eyepiece field view.
    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Initialize DSS Image metadata correctly and add a validity bool · 71f1c63b
      Akarsh Simha authored
      1. Initialize DSS image metadata correctly
      2. Add a bool to indicate whether metadata is valid or not
      => These two fixes prevent KStars from thinking that the image has
         metadata in cases where it does not actually have any, but there is
         junk initialization values.
      3. Use the isValid() check which is neater.
  12. 14 Dec, 2016 3 commits
    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Fix DSS image sizes in Eyepiece View feature. · e22a0f4a
      Akarsh Simha authored
      Clearly, oversight!
    • Jasem Mutlaq's avatar
      Fixing downloader issue and showing progress dialog where appropiate. It... · 6be6fc02
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
      Fixing downloader issue and showing progress dialog where appropiate. It starts with unknown progress and then once progress is established it starts to show it. Fixing imageview, it should not be shown until image is ready
    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Fix regressions in rendering of Eyepiece View in Observation Planner · 4e9a770d
      Akarsh Simha authored
      These were presumably caused because of the use of clones of the
      original SkyObjects in ObservingList (see
      f11601a3). These cloned SkyObjects
      don't have updateCoords or EquatorialToHorizontal called on them.
      This was causing two problems:
      1. The Sky map "screenshot" would not center correctly on the object,
         but would instead always be off by a few arcminutes.
      2. The DSS image would have an indeterminate rotation angle and
         thereby would not be rendered at all.
      This patch fixes these two issues, but has potential for introducing
      regressions in the Eyepiece View as invoked from the sky map
      (KSPopupMenu) or in the export option with ticks.
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    • Akarsh Simha's avatar
      Fix crash in observing list whenever catalog configuration was changed. · f11601a3
      Akarsh Simha authored
      a.k.a. the "Wishlist-Killer" bug.
      A very frustrating crash would ensue whenever the catalog
      configuration options were changed (eg: adding a new custom catalog)
      and an object was added to the observing wishlist. Before a recent
      commit, the wishlist would be truncated causing much frustration to
      the user.
      The crash occurred because the SkyObjects are de-allocated and
      re-allocated by SkyMapComposite::reloadDeepSky() every time the
      catalog configuration objects have changed. Since the ObservingList
      maintained a QList<SkyObject *> pointers to these SkyObjects, we were
      often querying dangling pointers, leading to crashes. So addition of
      the object to the wishlist, although did trigger the bug, was not the
      root cause.
      This change fixes the bug (hopefully without inducing any
      others!). The changes are:
      1. Create a clone of the SkyObject in ObservingList
         This makes add / remove more complicated as they look-up the given
         object by name, but solves the crash because we have a local copy
         of the SkyObject even if the CatalogComponent's copy is deleted.
      2. Use QSharedPointer<SkyObject> instead of SkyObject *
         This makes sure that we don't re-create the same object for session
         plan / wish list. Besides, it is much more cleaner, and takes care
         of deleting itself etc.
      Extensive testing is appreciated.
      And once again, happy 20th Birthday KDE!
      BUG: 345348
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
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