1. 03 Aug, 2018 4 commits
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      Mark scheduler job dirty when succesfully changing its target. · c774401a
      Eric Dejouhanet authored
      When editing a scheduler job, call setDirty when target is selected from the pop-up list.
      The target and RA/DEC boxes were only triggering the job update when editing the text and leaving the field.
      When the pop-up list was used, the programmatic update of those fields wasn't triggering that update.
      This fixes the use case where the end-user is looking for a target to start in ASAP mode.
      In that use case, the end-user will select targets and observe the starting date/time the Scheduler computed.
      Test Plan:
      Create a Scheduler job.
      Click its line in the job table once to edit it, and click the search button.
      Choose another target, the target and RA/DEC fields reflect the update.
      Click the add/save-job button.
      Prior to this fix, the job would not be updated in the queue table.
      With this fix, the job is properly updated.
      Reviewers: mutlaqja, wreissenberger
      Reviewed By: mutlaqja
      Subscribers: kde-edu
      Tags: #kde_edu
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D14586
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      Use localization for KStars Lite · bf4ac1e6
      Csaba Kertesz authored
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      Further fixes for the Android build · 5cec0578
      Csaba Kertesz authored
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      Adjust job editing algorithm · f83aed48
      Eric Dejouhanet authored
      Make Scheduler watch job widgets changes properly, so that setDirty is
      called appropriately. Move job edition checks before job creation to
      simplify the algorithm. Clarify when add button enables.
      Fix wrong QT slot connections on QDoubleSpinBox.
      Test Plan:
      Job edition in the Scheduler tab.
      Jobs should properly reevaluate as they are edited, as the original
      algorithm was intending to. Part of the code I removed during the past
      months incorrectly assumed that there was support for canceling changes
      made to a SchedulerJob.
      If that feature is needed, it is relatively simple to clone a backup of
      the SchedulerJob when it is opened for editing, and restore that backup
      when clicking on a cancel button. However, said cancel button should not
      be at the same location as the job removal button for clarity of interface.
      Reviewers: mutlaqja
      Reviewed By: mutlaqja
      Subscribers: pino, kde-edu
      Tags: #kde_edu
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D13769
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  6. 29 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      Show tip of the day dialog after applying themes. · 6654b2fd
      Jasem Mutlaq authored
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      PHD2: honor the "Receive external guide frames" setting. Also, only log event... · 9be2169d
      Andy Galasso authored
      PHD2: honor the "Receive external guide frames" setting. Also, only log event messages from PHD2 when verbose logging is enabled
      PHD2: only request a new star image if there is not already an outstanding requests to get the star image
      PHD2: additional communication reliablity work
          - prevent problem with intermittent dropped messages by only sending a single JSONRPC request at a time
          - added more debug logging
          - use the documented set of phd2 states; remove custom states and use new state variables for dither state
          - fix error that aborts guiding when a dither is started before the initial settling has completed
          - fix dither timeouts being caused by the dither timer expiring sooner than the timeout sent to PHD2
      PHD2: fix error loading PHD2 star image
          In every other frame the temporary .fit file was getting deleted before it could be displayed.
          Also, fix a possible file descriptor leak that could occur if a fitsio function call failed.
      PHD2: do not process partial JSON responses, wait until the full resonse (terminated by newline) is received
          The existing code could prematurely process incomplete chunks of phd2 response messages. Now we will
          wait for a full newline-terminated message before processing the response. This also allows us to remove
          a bunch of workaround code that was trying to deal with chopped-up partial messages.
  7. 28 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      i18n fixes · 0e259fb0
      Pino Toscano authored
      - fixes string puzzles
      - English style fixes
      - avoid contractions ("aren't" -> "are not", etc)
      - remove extra QString() around i18n()
      - avoid almost all the exclamation marks, since this is not a game
      - do not translate messages to debug
      - spell "Internet", and "JSON" correctly
      - use KMessageBox::information() instead of error() for an actual information message...
      - remove some of the extra HTML markup in UI files
      This is just the tip of the iceberg of i18n issues in kstars ...
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