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      This patch will remove some objects from the info_url file because those... · 27ed8112
      Robert Lancaster authored
      This patch will remove some objects from the info_url file because those objects are no longer in the database under that name.  This should clear up some of the errors that appear on KStars startup.  Also, I added a function to save the urls of the wikipedia pages found by what’s interesting in the info_url file so that we can build a database just like I did with the images.  Also, I added a couple of lines of code so that if whats interesting checks a URL for an object, gets a result, and then finds that their either is no article by that name or no info box on the page, it saves a placeholder file with a notice to the user about the article not existing.  This way, it won’t keep trying to download the articles that don’t exist.  And finally, I corrected an error where an incorrect image URL would be saved by whats interesting if in fact there was no image in the table.  Now it doesn’t try to download and save a non existent image, nor does it record the url.
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      This patch addresses several key issues with whats interesting. First, on... · 490b49b5
      Robert Lancaster authored
      This patch addresses several key issues with whats interesting.  First, on Macs it will first check inside the app bundle for the whats interesting before it checks in the data directory.  That way if the user installed from a dmg and then updated to a new dmg the any whats interesting improvements will be included.  It still checks the data directory as a backup in case the user didn’t install from a dmg. Second, when there are no objects in a list, it displays a nice message explaining that, rather than just a blank screen.  Also I added Supernovas, the NGC Catalog, the IC Catalog, and the Sharpless Catalog.  I also added some more objects to the object lists.  For the catalogs, I made them load separately on demand with a nice progress bar and a message explaining that they are loading.  Also I corrected a bug for the moon and similar objects that were not object types originally included in Whats Interesting.  I also disabled automatic downloading for object information because I don’t think it should be initiating lots of network traffic when there is no internet connection and also it shouldn’t try to download data many many times for objects that really have no article.  The user can now initiate the download of all the data for the entire list, for individual objects, or just objects that have no data, so that should be fine.  I also did a little rearranging on the category screen.  Also just in case, I added some checks to see if some objects are null for safety.
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      In this patch, I implemented batch downloads for object lists. Note that it... · 854a5889
      Robert Lancaster authored
      In this patch, I implemented batch downloads for object lists.  Note that it will download the objects currently selected/shown in the list based on filtering options, not everything in the entire massive list.
      If the user wants the *whole* list, they should turn off the visible objects only button and the favorites only button and set the sky quality to 1.
      I also enabled the wikipedia downloading info text to overwrite previously existing downloaded info text files, so now it truly is an updater.
      I also improved the search results for stars and constellations.  Also, I prevented the object description from being downloaded unless a real wikipedia article about the object is found.
      There were way too many false results in the object descriptions that were downloading.  Finally, I added a progress bar for the initial object load and disabled the list access until loading is done.
      It is certainly possible to make that more list specific in the future, but for now, loading everything doesn’t take too long.
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      I cleaned up some of the positioning calculations in the wiview.qml file so... · 4df43323
      Robert Lancaster authored
      I cleaned up some of the positioning calculations in the wiview.qml file so that the info text panel should now always be the correct size and all the errors that were printing to the console from the positioning should be gone now.  Also I added the ability to use the arrow keys to cylcle through the objects in the details view.  It is much more efficient!  Tooltips are not done yet, but they are started.
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      Here are some more improvements to the Whats Interesting panel. · 83430ff8
      Robert Lancaster authored
      This will download wikipedia info text box in addition to the description.
      It can dynamically display the content in a tabbed pane or right next to each other depending on the width of the page. Both the descriptions and the info text are now saved after loaded the first time for easier loading later.
      I also captured the wikipedia image from the info text box and added that to the list of images available in the thumbnail picker.  I also improved some of the layouts in whats interesting
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      Android build compiles and works well. Introduced new class KPaths that · dff369e1
      Artem Fedoskin authored
      is a wrapper for QStandardPaths. The reason behind creating KPaths is
      that in Android all app files are installed in location that can't be
      resolved by QStandardPaths. If the target platform is Android,
      KPaths::locate and KPaths::locateAll will first check all standard
      locations and then special for Android location (assets). Otherwise it
      simply calls QStandardPaths's locate and locateAll respectively. Also
      changed a splash screen to fit better to mobiles.
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