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      This patch should add several improvements to the PHD2 interface in KStars. Here is a list. · 755e8df3
      Robert Lancaster authored
      1.  Makes sure the temp directory exists so that the guide star images will have a place to go.
      2.  Adds a new enum for the PHD results which will make adding more methods to get information back from PHD2 easier because you will know what result you are waiting for and what variable to put the result into.
      3.  Adds several new methods to get crucial information from PHD2 including get exposure, get pixel scale, and request star image.  These should be easier to use than the previous multiline method of requesting info.
      4.  Adds RMS/sigma reporting for the RA and DEC errors.  Uses the last 50 errors for the report.  Prevents nan and inf numbers from being added into the error report.
      5.  Sets the exposure time box to PHD2’s exposure time so the user knows what it is.
      6.  Gets the pixel scale directly from PHD2 and uses that for the error calculations.
      7.  Blocks errors that would print as a result of guide star images that accidentally get separated in transit.
      I tested this both running locally on my Mac and over the network to my raspberry Pi.
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