1. 12 Oct, 2004 1 commit
  2. 20 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  3. 18 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  4. 11 Sep, 2004 1 commit
  5. 31 Aug, 2004 8 commits
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 1939c6e7
      Jason Harris authored
      Adding '#include <sys/time.h>' to three files, because this is where the
      timeval struct is defined.  This fixes compilation on gcc-2.95
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342892
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 528e3413
      Jason Harris authored
      Fixed bug where the prmary name of a Messier object was displayed twice
      in the Details dialog, if it did not have a separate "long name".
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342890
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 2b01d56b
      Jason Harris authored
      Fixes to the Solar Sysytem tab of the options dialog.  Child widgets of
      the "Show asteroids" and "Show comets" checkboxes are disabled when the
      boxes are unchecked.  Also, the "Clear All Planet Trails" button finally
      works again.  It will not clear the temporary trail attached
      automatically to a solar system body when it is centered; it only removes
      trails which were manually added in the popup menu.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342889
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · f8cdffc1
      Jason Harris authored
      Renaming solar system tab UI file (but forgot to remove the old UI file
      in last commit)
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342887
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 7304f5bb
      Jason Harris authored
      Renaming the solar system tab UI file (because I am subclassing it, and
      will name the subclass "OpsSolarSystem"; the UI file class is now
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342886
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · dbdb5884
      Jason Harris authored
      Disable stars-related widgets in the options dialog (Catalogs tab) if the
      "Hipparcos Star Catalog" box is unchecked.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342885
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · ac90f7ab
      Jason Harris authored
      Make it impossible to set the "zoomed out" mag limit to a fainter value
      than the "zoomed in" limit.  This way, higher zoom levels always show
      more stars than lower zoom levels.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342884
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · cee920b1
      Jason Harris authored
      Disengage traking more robustly
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342882
  6. 30 Aug, 2004 5 commits
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 7518ddab
      Jason Harris authored
      Fix horribly blocky images in printed image.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342828
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · 6e4fa908
      Jason Harris authored
      Adding "setFullTimeUpdate()" to slotApplySettings().  Without this, it is
      possible that objects added in the Settings window will not be drawn in
      the correct positions right away.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342826
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · bbfcd714
      Jason Harris authored
      Printing fix: When original color scheme is restored, restore the
      original star color intensity as well.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342823
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: · b12b7e88
      Jason Harris authored
      When a script argument contains a space, wrap it in quotes.
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342822
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      Backporting fix from HEAD: ensure that the state of the icon of the · b355be8f
      Jason Harris authored
      "tracking" ToggleAction toolbar button remains correct.  The fix is a
      kludge, because it hardwires the index of the tracking button in the
      toolbar.  I don't know how else to fix it, and frankly, I don't know why
      KToggleActon doesn't automatically take care of this (as it does for the
      same action's icon in the menu)...
      svn path=/branches/KDE_3_3_BRANCH/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=342821
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  16. 01 Aug, 2004 2 commits
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      Fixing scaling and rotation of symbols and images when printing the sky image. · 6fb15f1f
      Jason Harris authored
      There were missing "scale" paameters in some draw functions, which was okay
      for screen draws because the default value of 1.0 is correct in that case.
      Not so for printed images.
      Also added a separate fix to rescale the star pixmaps properly on the printed
      Fixes to SkyMap::findPA() to correctly determine an object's position angle
      Made SkyMap::pa() virtual so that the overridden versions in KSPlanetBase and
      DeepSkyObject will be picked up correctly.
      With these fixes, the Print function works again (these problems were all
      Oh, and in case you're wondering how slow it is to bugfix through an SSH
      tunnel that spans continents, the answer is: very, very slow.  :)
      I was able to work on this because the wind got too strong last night, so we
      had to close the telescope.
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=334906
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      Fixing problem with Manual Focus tool: could not set RA/Dec coords · 9cd555e2
      Jason Harris authored
      while using horizontal coordinates.
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=334642
  17. 30 Jul, 2004 1 commit
  18. 28 Jul, 2004 1 commit
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      I screwed up. When I moved the tools code to a subdir, I forgot to · 3e5a3d6a
      Jason Harris authored
      account for the translatable strings in the Makefile.  I had already
      fixed this for *.h/*.cpp files, but I forgot *.ui files!
      I hope this mostly results in fuzzy strings, not untranslated ones.  I'm
      very sorry that this was caught so late in the release cycle, and thanks
      for your efforts in translating kstars.
      Thank you Jure Repinc for finding this problem!
      CCMAIL: kstars-devel@kde.org
      CCMAIL: kde-i18n-doc@kde.org
      svn path=/trunk/kdeedu/kstars/; revision=333538